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Island of Gorée, Senegal and its fortifications (1772)
Precision maps (like this one from Senegal) reveal significant health and nutrition gaps within African countries .
This ad for 2018 Dakar Rally shows Falkland Islands belonging to Argentina
The Senegal River, which empties at Saint-Louis, the former capital of Senegal and French West Africa
Le Sénégal et le Soudan français (1898) -- Senegal and French Sudan, 1898
Senegal 1756
Poverty in Senegal
Plans et elevations du chateau Saint-Louis par Chaussegros de Lery
1865 Bellin Sea Chart of Western Africa ( Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, etc.) - Geographicus - WestAfrica2-bellin-1765
Dakar Rally 2012 map-fr
Lisboa-dakar2006 total
Dakar Rally 2013 map
Saint-Louis, Senegal (1930)
Chateau Saint-Louis 1724
1848 Levasseur Map of Senegal, Gambia and Madagascar - Geographicus - AfricaFr-levasseur-1847
1852 Levassuer Map of Senegal, Senegambia, and Madagascar - Geographicus - Senegal-levasseur-1852
Le chateau Saint-Louis et son fort a Quebec, en 1683
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Lisboa-dakar2006 day07
Dakar Rally 2012 map-cs
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Dakar Rally 2012 map-sv
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