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Ottoman Empire and Russia size comparison
This is the Route of Russian Navy which they follow to destroy Ottoman Army in 1770. At that period they do not have any big fleet in Black Sea so they have to reach Çeşme in that way. Great effort!
The Armenian population in the Ottoman and Russian empire in 1896
Muslim Georgian (Mostly), Exile and Migration to Northern Anatolia (Showed as provinces) After 1828-1879 & 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian Wars. Note: The map has not any political purposes
Caricature map showing the political situation in Europe in 1877. Russia, depicted as an octopus reaching to many countries, battles with the Turkish Empire, depicted as a turbaned figure protecting his prized gold watch, Constantinople
The Avenger: An Allegorical War Map for 1877
Russian-Ottoman border in Asia Minor in 1878
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