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2018 Russian presidential election results by federal subjects (1,608 × 936)
Political Parties of the Heads of Russian Federal Subjects
1999 Russian Legislative Election Proportional Representation Vote by District
Russian Presidential Election 2018
Result of the largest pro-Russian and Pro-Putin party in Ukrainian Parliamentary Election last week
Russian Constituent Assembly elections, 1917 results . From Anatoly Karlin's blog on the Unz Review.
Second-ranked parties in 2016 Russian elections by county; Blue - LDPR (Nationalistic, Tsarist); Red - Communist; Pink - Just Russia (pro-western); Green - United Russia (Putin's)
Putin's election result around the world
Results breakdown of the first post-communist Russian State Duma election (1993)
Muslim Georgian (Mostly), Exile and Migration to Northern Anatolia (Showed as provinces) After 1828-1879 & 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian Wars. Note: The map has not any political purposes
Performance of Pro-Russian parties in Germany's state elections
Caricature map showing the political situation in Europe in 1877. Russia, depicted as an octopus reaching to many countries, battles with the Turkish Empire, depicted as a turbaned figure protecting his prized gold watch, Constantinople
A Map of Europe - 1852
House-Museum of the First Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Wokers' Party 36
Congress Poland 1820
Congress Poland 1820
The four global powers according to Russian political analyst Aleksandr Dugin.
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