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Map of Turkey in Europe, illustrating the Berlin Congress Treaty, July 1878 - by Samuel Mitchell (1880)
A haunting image of the ghost border in Poland, the results of the 2010 Parliamentary election compared with the borders of the German Empire
This map superimposes the border of the German Empire (1871-1918) on the electoral results of the 2007 Parliamentary elections in Poland.
Political Map of Africa, 1894: scramble for Africa underway but much of the continent's still not colonized, with several 'negro states' still existing. From a German atlas (Debes' Schul-Atlas) I bought recently
Results of the German federal election 1912
April 1932 German presidential election
Enlargement of the European Union
The election results show: Europe and Germany are more colorful then ever - and divided. These two maps show Bündnis '90/Die Grünen (Ecological Party) and Alternative für Deutschland (Right Wing) - you can find the link for the full results + how-did-we-do-it-? in the comments. Have a nice day.
Official Results for German Federal Election (First Vote)
German federal election, March 1933: 33 of 35 parliamentary districts won by the Nazi Party
Share of second votes for the AfD in the 2017 German federal election, by constituency
Map of the German federal election 2017, showing the winning party vote strength in the constituencies and the additional member seats broken down by each state.
Results of a theoretical election if Germany held one today
votes for german far right-party AfD in the 2019 EU-elections by districts
With the German election coming up in a few months, here is a map of the most recent election, the 2013 German Federal Election, showing winning party vote by constituency, and the seats won for each party in the list seats.
Result of the November 1932 German Federal election
German Parliamentary Elections 1920-1933
Results of the German Imperial Election 1898 with names of the elected members
Votes for the Nazi Party in the 1933 German Election
Politics aside, Denmark with Skåneland and Southern Schleswig has a really nice shape.
German election 2017: Votes for far right party AfD Vs number of Immigrants in area
Support for the leftist Die Linke (The Left) party in 2019 European Parliament election in Germany
Result of the 1912 Imperial elections in the German Reich
Support for Political parties in Poland vs German Empire borders (2007)
Where AfD (far-right) got their support during the German election
How many people voted for an anti-immigration party per immigrant by electoral districts, German Federal Elections
Election results for the German Federal Election 2017 in Berlin
November 1932 German Federal Elections.
German Federal Election 2017
Vote share of "Die Linke" (The Left) in Southern Germany (2017 Federal election)
Number of Top-Tier German Political Office Holders Born in Each German State
Map of the September 24 German Election Secondary Vote by District. More analytical maps in comments.
The border of the German Empire (1871-1918) superimposed onto the electoral results of the 2007 Parliamentary elections in Poland. There is some impact of former imperialism.
The result of the europe election in Germany
Elections in Germany (1898)
Results if Germany held a federal election today, based on polling
German late 1800's ethno-linguistic map and a political map of europe
German linguistic area (green) and political boundaries around 1841 (grey) in comparison to Deutschlandlied (a German patriotic song from that time, later used as the national anthem of Germany from 1922-1945)’s geographic references (bold blue)
Vote share of left-wing parties in Germany's 2017 parliamentary elections
Highest vote share of right-wing extremist NPD in German state elections
Klein-Asien & Syrien nebst Den Westlichen Theilen von Armenien, Kurdistan & Mesopotamien.
Performance of Pro-Russian parties in Germany's state elections
German Electoral Districts for the Federal Election 2017
Ballot access of Jill Stein in the 2012 US presidential election
Ballot access of Jill Stein in the 2012 US presidential election
2008 Democratic Primary Results german
Salagagebiet1897 003
2008 Republican Primary Results german
A Map of Europe - 1852
Examples for the global political and cultural influence of Lower Saxony. a: Missions Church of Bremen b1-3: Art c1-4: Settlements. From historical "Atlas Niedersachsen"
Map of the 1933 German elections
Share of second votes by Die Linke (left-wing to far-left political party in Germany, 2013)
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