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Brazilian Presidential Elections 10/28. Green municipalities represent candidate Bolsonaro (55%), Red municipalities, Haddad (45%).
Brazil's 2002 presidential election "landslide" victory
Map of the last 4 elections in Brazil
Brazilian elections first round results
Results of the second round of the 2018 Brazilian Election by state.
Political Parties of Brazilian Governors
Brazil | Results by country in the 1st round of Presidential Election - Brazilians voting abroad
Elections Brazil: Map comparing HDI and homicides in the electoral zones
Comparison between the 1st and 2nd round elections in Brazil for President in 2018
Brazilian presidential election: first round results by state.
Results of the first round of the Brazilian presidential election by state
The Province of São Paulo, 1886 (in the former Brazilian Empire). Source: Library of of Congress
Brazilian 2018 presidential election in style of US presidential elections
2018 Presidential Election Map of Brazil
Results of presidential elections in Brazil (1989 to 2018)
4 maps that help to understand the Brazilian 2018 Election.
2010 Brazilian presidential election world map - Second round
2006 Brazilian election per state final
2010 Brazilian presidential election - Second round
Brazilian 1998 election map
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