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Map of Turkey in Europe, illustrating the Berlin Congress Treaty, July 1878 - by Samuel Mitchell (1880)
In the spirit of places that sound much less exotic after they're translated, here's a political map of China
Waldseemüller map from 1507 is the first map to include the name "America" and the first to depict the Americas as separate from Asia. There is only one surviving copy of the map, which was purchased by the Library of Congress in 2001 for $10 million. (Wikipedia)
Asian and Pacific Americans in Congress
Politics aside, Turkey/Greece/Cyprus has a really nice shape.
Electoral districts of Turkey 2015
Politics aside, someone needs to fix up that bordergore in Kyrgyzstan
Asian Vote by County in the 2016 US Presidential Election
Politics aside, Israel at its territorial height had a really nice shape!
Political map of India on 1951 and of 2019
About Yesterday’s Elections in Turkey
South Korea's 5th Presidential election Result (1963.10.15)
Political map of India 2600 years ago
Ethnic Map of Turkey/ Votes For Pro Kurdish& Left Wing Party (HDP) In June 7, 2015 General Election
Taiwan (ROC) 2018 Local Elections
Lebanon political parties power relations (fr)
1776 Rennell - Dury Wall Map of Bihar and Bengal, India - Geographicus - BaharBengal-dury-1776
2016 Parliamentary Election in South Korea, Real Map vs Winner Cartogram
Greater Indonesia (Indonesia Raya or Melayu Raya) - this was a political concept that sought to bring the so-called Malay race together
South Korea's Local Election result (2018.6.13)
Results of 2016 Taiwan legislative election constituency seats
Pakistan general elections 2018
Beijing ca. 1914. Still largely the old Imperial-period city during the early years of the Republic of China (US Library of Congress copy)
2019 elections for Turkey
1777 Rennell - Dury Wall Map of Delhi and Agra, India - Geographicus - DelhiAgrah-dury-1777
31 March 2019 Turkey Local Elections map per district
Indonesia presidential election 2019
Since India is having their next election this year here is a map of the 2014 Indian general election.
2019 elections Turkey
1800 Faden Rennell Wall Map of India - Geographicus - India-faden-1795
Klein-Asien & Syrien nebst Den Westlichen Theilen von Armenien, Kurdistan & Mesopotamien.
1946 elections of British India
Mithapukur in the Dury Wall Map of Bihar and Bengal, India
South India Map 1794
1818 Pinkerton Map of India (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal, Sri Lanka) - Geographicus - India-pinkerton-1818
British Empire in India 1903
India-state elections 2006
2009 India Loksabha Elections Map
CPI(M) candidates in Indian general election, 2014
1943 World War II Japanese Aeronautical Map of Borneo - Geographicus - Borneo12-wwii-1943
Greater China - China claimed large parts of Asia as Chinese territory during the 20th century. These are some of the "lost territories" claimed by China as stated by Sun Yat-sen and other Chinese political figures of that era.
1768 Jeffreys Wall Map of India and Ceylon - Geographicus - India-jeffreys-1768
1780 Raynal and Bonne Map of Southern India
1799 Clement Crutwell Map of Hindoostan - Geographicus - India-cruttwell-1799
1853 Mitchell Map of India - Geographicus - Hindoostan-mitchell-1850
Political Divisions of the Indian Empire, 1909
Politická mapa Indie
A Map of Europe - 1852
Map of Asia, showing gt. political divisions, and also the various routes of travel between London and India, China and Japan, etc NYPL1510834
Indonesia Election 1999
1910 Atlas of the Sino-Japanese War (25 rare folding maps) - Geographicus - SinoJapanese-japan-1910
Pakistan election 2008 map
1943 World War II Japanese Aeronautical Map of Burma ( Myanmar ) - Geographicus - Burma7-wwii-1943
1943 World War II Japanese Aeronautical Map of New Guinea - Geographicus - NewGuinea14-wwii-1943
1943 World War II Japanese Aeronautical Map of the Celebes - Geographicus - Celebes13-wwii-1943
Politická mapa Číny
Map showing the different languages of Asia, and by extension, just how many ethnic groups live in this area. Not hard to see why there's political instability in much of the Middle East..
Asian regions based on Historical, Political, Cultural and Geographical similarities.
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boat parts and history
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