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Results of the German federal election 1912
Canada 2015 Federal Election
Official Results for German Federal Election (First Vote)
German federal election, March 1933: 33 of 35 parliamentary districts won by the Nazi Party
Share of second votes for the AfD in the 2017 German federal election, by constituency
Map of the German federal election 2017, showing the winning party vote strength in the constituencies and the additional member seats broken down by each state.
With the German election coming up in a few months, here is a map of the most recent election, the 2013 German Federal Election, showing winning party vote by constituency, and the seats won for each party in the list seats.
Result of the November 1932 German Federal election
2018 Russian presidential election results by federal subjects (1,608 × 936)
Political Parties of the Heads of Russian Federal Subjects
2019 Canadian federal election results map
Results of the 2017 Argentine legislative election showing seats won by each party per province
Results of the 2016 Australian Federal Election
Canadian Federal Elections in the past 50 years (1965-2015)
How many people voted for an anti-immigration party per immigrant by electoral districts, German Federal Elections
Where there are state-level or federal elections tomorrow. Interactive map in comments!
Canada's 2019 Federal Election Adjusted to Have Equal Sized Ridings
Australian federal election 2016 - where were the swings
Election results for the German Federal Election 2017 in Berlin
November 1932 German Federal Elections.
German Federal Election 2017
Results of the 2015 Canadian federal election showing support for Green candidates by riding
Vote share of "Die Linke" (The Left) in Southern Germany (2017 Federal election)
Cartogram of the 2019 canadian federal election results.
Electoral Division map to be used in the 2019 Australian Federal Election
26 May 2019 Belgian Federal Elections results
Map of the results of the 2019 Canadian Federal Election (OC)
Australian Federal Election Boundaries
Canadian Federal Election polling projection as of July 27th
2019 Australian Federal Election Result.
2019 Canadian Federal Election
Results of the 2019 Australian Federal Election
Results if Germany held a federal election today, based on polling
Election results in Argentina 2019
2015 Canadian Federal Election Results
2019 Canadian federal election - projection as of August 30, 2019
Canada 2008 Federal Election
Map of the results of the 1864 election: dark brown = Confederacy: light brown = territories: red = Republicans (Lincoln): blue = Democrats (McClellan)
Provisional Results of the 2019 Australian Federal Election
Liberal gains/hold/losses in the 2019 Canadian federal election
Last weekend presidential election at Argentina. Clear trend: the livestock farming sector vs the rest of the country.
Plano del Archipielago de Clayocuat 1791
Canada 1997 Federal Election
Outcome of the federal elections in Belgium: right and alt-right in Flanders (Dutch speaking region in the north of Belgium), left and alt-left in Wallonia (French speaking region in the south of Belgium). The country clearly is divided.
2019 Belgian federal elections. (Explanation in comments)
2019 Canadian federal election - final projection
Argentina's 2019 Presidential Elections
Canada 2004 Federal Election
Canada 2006 Federal Election
German Electoral Districts for the Federal Election 2017
Federal Deputies in the 2015 vs the 2018 Baja California Elections
Green Party/Bloc Québécois gains/holds/losses in the 2019 Canadian federal election
Canada 1940 Federal Election
Canada 1962 Federal Election
Canada 1968 Federal Election
Canada 1988 Federal Election
Canada 2000 Federal Election
Canada Fed election 2011 Ridings
2019 Canadian Federal Election Results
Canada 1867 Federal Election
Canada 1904 Federal Election
Canada 1908 Federal Election
Canada 1911 Federal Election
Canada 1917 Federal Election
Canada 1921 Federal Election
Canada 1926 Federal Election
Canada 1930 Federal Election
Canada 1935 Federal Election
Canada 1949 Federal Election
Canada 1953 Federal Election
Canada 1957 Federal Election
Canada 1958 Federal Election
Canada 1974 Federal Election
Canada 1980 Federal Election
Canada 2011 Federal Election
Canada Fed election 2011 Ridings losses
Canada 1979 Federal Election
Canada 1984 Federal Election
Canada 1972 Federal Election
2019 Australian federal election - Vote Strength - Top is Primary Vote - Bottom is 2 party Preferred after the distribution of preferences.
Canadian Federal Elections 2019
Canada 1872 Federal Election
Canada 1874 Federal Election
Canada 1878 Federal Election
Canada 1882 Federal Election
Canada 1887 Federal Election
Canada 1891 Federal Election
Canadian Federal election 2008 by riding
Canada fed election 2011 results by riding
1855 Spruner Map of the Americas up to 1776
1910 Atlas of the Sino-Japanese War (25 rare folding maps) - Geographicus - SinoJapanese-japan-1910
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