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Outline of Post-War New World Map (1942) : showing political divisions of the world after WW2 in the event of an Allied victory
This map superimposes the border of the German Empire (1871-1918) on the electoral results of the 2007 Parliamentary elections in Poland.
Results of the 1984 United States Presidential election by county. The most lopsided election in history, the only state Reagan failed to win was his opponent’s, Minnesota.
The bizarre-looking 1976 US Presidential Election map
Detailed Political map of Arabia and Mesopotamia at the beginning of the 20th Century
1980 United States presidential election, Result by County
Results of the German federal election 1912
The map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918) overlapping the results of the 2014 presidential elections in Romania
Africa : political map, April 1960. For comparison, maps of Africa: August 1960 ; June 1961 ; May 1963 ; and 1965 are in the comments
April 1932 German presidential election
United States Presidential Election Results 1952-2012
Enlargement of the European Union
The Spanish Civil War, situation on the ground in 1937. Scanned from a contemporary political atlas.[2349x2109
United States presidential election, 1924
Best performing Democrat in each state by Presidential election since 2000 (Inspired by /u/DPKdebator)
The best performing Republican by state in each presidential election since 2000.
Socialist Percent of the vote in the Presidential Election of 1912
Performance in previous U.S. Presidential Elections by County 2000-2016
1947 CDU election poster: "Never Oder-Neisse line – vote CDU"
German federal election, March 1933: 33 of 35 parliamentary districts won by the Nazi Party
Electoral Map - 1984 US Presidential Elections
Italy 1976 elections
African political regimes in 1985 and 2015
Map from 1914 depicting the political situation
The Norwegian election in 1945, following WW2
1972 Presidential Election by county
USA 1912 Elections - Socialist Party of America
Results of the 1918 general elections in Ireland, just before the war of independence.
Political position of governing parties in Europe from 1946-2017
Northern Ireland Westminster Election Results 1997-2017
Result of the November 1932 German Federal election
Europe (political), 1936
German Parliamentary Elections 1920-1933
Shift of Democratic Voters from the 2000 election to 2016 election. (0.2% decrease overall)
Votes for the Nazi Party in the 1933 German Election
Political map of India on 1951 and of 2019
U.S Presidential Election Vote Swing by County 1960-64
Result of the 1912 Imperial elections in the German Reich
(Corrected) U.S. Voting Blocs: Groups of States That Have Been Won by the Same Candidate in Every Presidential Election Since 1960
Political map of the island of New Guinea from 1884-1919
Korean Presidential Elections (1992-2017)
1968 US Presidential Election results in the South
Political Map of Interwar Europe 1923
The 1932 Presidential election FDR 472 to Hoover’s 59
CBS 1960 Election Night - be filled as the election night goes on, the time is 7:35 CST, broadcast from Chicago
1944 political & ethnic map of Africa
Canadian Federal Elections in the past 50 years (1965-2015)
1999 Russian Legislative Election Proportional Representation Vote by District
1968 CBS Election Night Map
1936 Presidential Election - Largest Landslide in Presidential Election History
Votes for the communist party in the Norwegian 1945 election, by municipality
Japanese Empire - Political (1922) (The Times Atlas & Gazetteer of the World)
Central Europe - Political (1922) (the Times Atlas & Gazetteer of the World)
Political Map of Interwar Europe 1923
November 1932 German Federal Elections.
1912 US election results for popular Socialist Party candidate Eugene V. Debs
1924 US Presidential Election
Change in the level of political freedom/civil liberties of each country according to Freedom House, 1975-2015
1936 US Presidential Election Results by County
South Korea's 5th Presidential election Result (1963.10.15)
1964 Presidential Election by county
United States 1920 presidential election
Political Volatility of United Kingdom Parliamentary Constituencies since 1983
Oklahoma gubernatorial election, 1914
The border of the German Empire (1871-1918) superimposed onto the electoral results of the 2007 Parliamentary elections in Poland. There is some impact of former imperialism.
1964 Presidential Election by county
Results of the 1987 New Brunswick general election.
French presidential election of 1969
Spanish General Election, 1936
United States presidential election, 1936
Percent of vote to the Socialist party in the 1912 presidential elections on the west coast
1968 Presidential Election by county
UK General Election 1983: 'Landslides, suicide notes and First Past the Post'
Italy: Vote distribution in 1976 elections (left) and 2018 elections (right)
The 1924 election
French presidential election of 1965
Old map showing internal constitution, political division, nationality percentages in Crown Lands of Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1910
Political map of Balkan states and surrounding regions 1912
1984 Presidential Election by county
Peaceful transition of power between political parties, 1919-2015
Map of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. In the Congress of 1946-47, the US Navy supported a bill to annex and organize the Trust Territory, with Guam as the capital, so that it could become a US State
Russian Constituent Assembly elections, 1917 results . From Anatoly Karlin's blog on the Unz Review.
The Comparison Between Senator Bob Casey’s First Election In 1996, and his Re-election Last Year Shows Just How Much the State’s Politics Have Changed In 20 Years.
Beijing ca. 1914. Still largely the old Imperial-period city during the early years of the Republic of China (US Library of Congress copy)
1980 Presidential Election by county
French presidential election of 1974
Final results of the 2000 Presidential election in FR Yugoslavia (see more maps @ www.milosp.info)
1968 US Presidential Election in Florida
California State Senate after the 1956 General Elections
1972 Presidential Election by county
The map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918) overlapping the results of the 2014 presidential elections in Romania
Political Divisions of the Indian Empire c. 1916
1912 Presidential election results in Pennsylvania
Political map of Europe in 1993
Taft vs. Roosevelt: the candidate with more votes in the 1912 election
1988 Presidential Election by county
Governing Coalitions and Political Parties of West Europe, 1945-1988
New York District 20 109th US Congress
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