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So here are the superimposed election result maps of Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania and Italy to the border of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Der Kriegsschauplatz in Polen = The battlefield in Poland. War map of Poland showing German (in red), Austro-Hungarian (in yellow), and Russian (in green) territorial possession (1914)
Amber Rail Freight Corridor - In 2019 opened rail corridor connecting Port of Koper with Hungary, Slovakia and Poland - various connections to Austria, Belarus and Serbia.
A New Map of Poland and Hungary (1560)
"A New Map of Poland and Hungary:" with modern borders (roughly overlayed)
Kyivstar vkraina 1560
A new map of present Poland, Hungary, Walachia, Moldavia, Little Tartary, shewing their principal divisions, chief cities, towns, rivers, etc NYPL1630718
1862 Stieler Map of Poland and Hungary - Geographicus - Polen-perthes-1862
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