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1638 map of Southeast Asia, China, India, the Philippines and western Oceania (with early location of Northwestern Australia)
Map of Carte des Isles Philippines from 1780 Detailed French map solely devoted to the Philippines by Louis Brion De La Tour from his atlas, Histoire Universel.
100 largest islands of the Philippines
Map of the Philippines at the end of the 19th century. From Harper's Pictorial History of the War with Spain, Vol. II, published by Harper and Brothers in 1899
South of Manila, 1945
3D print of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca generated from LiDAR and aerial imagery
Luzon, Islas Filipinas Observatorio de Manila (1899)
Discoveries made in 1787 In the Seas of China and Tartary between Manila and Avacha by
San Juan County, Utah touches more adjacent counties than any other county in the United States
1959 Time Magazine Map of the Battle of Leyte Gulf - described as the greatest battle in the history of naval warfare
Batangas, Philippines
5 Ways to Divide The Philippines
Map of Camotes islands -Camotes islands are group of islands located in Visayas central Philippines
San Juan, Puerto Rico subway proposal, 1979
The sizes of the Philippines and the United Kingdom compared
Poverty in the Philippines (2012)
Philippines Map (1734)
Each colour in this map of the Philippines represents 20 million people
Map of martial law and ISIS-inspired rebel control in the Philippines (June 4, 2017)
Current school delays around Toledo, OH
Tried making one of those road maps. Here's the Philippines.
100M Population Density of North and Central Luzon Philippines 2020
Ethnicities of The Philippines
Who can go to Philippines, one of the most welcoming countries in the world, without a visa?
This is the Davao Region in the southern Philippines. Davao Occidental, the newest province of the Philippines, is more sur (south) than Davao del Sur, which, in turn, is more occidental (west) than Davao Occidental.
Topography and Seafloor of the Philippines
This FB ad is so wrong. What happened to the Philippines? Why us Papua connected to Mindanao? Oh and someone blessed the rains in Africa *too* hard.
This 1739 map of Manila fell into British hands and helped them capture the fort in 1762
Indonesia and the Philippines Get Company (World's 25 Largest Islands by Area) (Map inspired by u/Bipwap)
Streets of Santiago, Philippines
Coloured Topographic and Bathymetric Map of the Philippines
1898 map of the "China Seas," printed a few weeks after the Battle of Manila Bay
1801 Cary Map of the East Indies and Southeast Asia ( Singapore, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Philippines) - Geographicus - EastIndies-cary-1801
Filipino Households with Electricity (2015)
Annual Per Capita Consumption of Pork in the Philippines
Countries with higher and lower GNI per capita (PPP $) than the Philippines in 2016
HDI of countries relative to the Philippines
Peoples of the Philippines en
The Japanese Conquests in Wold War II which Isolated General MacArthur's Forces in the Philippines
The American conquest and occupation of the Sulu Islands in the Philippines, 1899-1935.
Map of the Philippines in the 1940s
Territory of Magadha and the Maurya Empire between 600 and 180 BCE, including Chandragupta's overthrow of the Nanda Empire (321 BCE) and gains from the Seleucid Empire (303 BCE), the southward expansion (before 273 BCE), and Ashoka's conquest of Kalinga (261 BCE).
Tagalog (Filipino) - Every conversation in the world on a popular messaging service, over 24 hours
Valley Fault System and the Buildings of Mega Manila
Map of Manila (1920) when Philippines was part of the USA
This map of the Philippines by Sir David Garcia
Viceroyalty of the New Spain 1800 (without Philippines)
Viceroyalty of the New Spain 1819 (without Philippines)
H1N1 Philippines Map
The Topography of the Philippines by David Garcia
If you drain the ocean around the Philippines
John C. Fremont's Map of Oregon and Upper California (1848) - shows the San Juan Islands as part of British Territory
Philippines provinces by % of forest cover
Religion in the Philippines in the late 1800s
Topography of the Philippines if the oceans are drained by Mapmaker David Garcia
Metro Manila Rapid Transit
Map of the Philippines 1785.
International Recognition of the Filipino Genocide; 1 to 3 million casualties from 1899 to 1913
Palawan and surrounding islands, Philippines (1827)
The Reber Plan: Proposal for two dams that turn San Pablo Bay and South San Francisco Bay into freshwater lakes while the East Bay Tidelands and Richardson Bay are filled in for a deepwater port, airports, and military bases (1949)
Flag map of the Philippines
Sultanate of Maguindanao - the farthest southeast Muslim state in recorded history.
Filipino Americans by county, 2000
Philippines Twin Rebellion: Communist Rebellion & Moro Conflict
Manila and suburbs 1898
Damaged House and Poverty in the aftermath of Typhoon Hagupit/Ruby in the Philippines
Dutch Map of the Islet and Bay of San Juan, Puerto Rico - Published in 1644
Map of WWII Bataan Death March
The city of Toledo by the Spanish painter El Greco: the modern marriage of map and landscape ( 1610-1614)
Map of magnitude 6.1 earthquake from Philippines with population density and magnitude scale.
San Juan National Monument in Washington State: Skull Island is located in Massacre Bay, off the coast of Orcas Island and north of Victim Island.
Plano del Archipielago de Clayocuat 1791
Influenza A(H1N1) map of the Philippines as of 6 June 2009
Metro Manila PH A(H1N1)
Battles and campaigns waged by the Spanish, Dutch East India Company, and Tausug in the Sulu Islands and Mindanao in the Philippines, 1636-1748.
1776 US Southwest by Bernardo de Miera y Pacheco based off of the Dominguez-Escalante Expedition
Toledo Spain, 1720
Busiest airports in the Philippines in 2017
Strait of Gibraltar and the Isle of Cadiz erected on the spot by P. Santini in 1782
Philippines is portrayed as an american fortress with banana leaves and a nipa hut in a Japanese map from 1932 showing national stereotypes. (Thanks to r/MapPorn)
Luzon, Philippines 1899
Maumee-Wabash Valley, between Toledo OH and Ft. Wayne IN
Philippines fertiltiy rate by region 2014-2017
US Army map of Manila and Suburbs (1943)
Mindanao, Philippines (1900)
Philippines Population Density Map
Liquefaction Hazard Map: Bohol, Philippines
Intramuros, Walled City of Manila during the Spanish Era and present day
Philippines (1721)
Volcanoes in the Philippines
Japanese Map of the Philippines (1943)
Map of the Kingdom of Valencia (1838)
Philippines at night
Map of the Philippines - 1744
Chart of the Pacific Ocean showing the route of the Manila-Acapulco Galleon
Plan of Cadiz
Plano de Manila 1851
Situationsplan von Cadiz
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