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James T. Hawley, Sturgeon Point, Evans Township, Erie County.; Residence and Store of J. L. Getzville, Town of Amherst, N.Y.; Derby Fruit Farm, Res. M. W. Clark, Derby P.O. Erie Co., N.Y.; Res. of NYPL1584555
Residence of Ira C. Woodward.; Woodward and Churchill's General Store, Boston, Erie County, N.Y.; Residence of Amos Freeman, Town of East Hamburg, Erie County, N.Y.; Residence of Wolfgang NYPL1584586
Cider Mill Res. of and Store of E. J. Markham, Elma, N.Y.; Res. of Cypus Hurd, Town of Elma, Erie Co., N.Y.; Res. of J. B. Briggs, Esq., Elma, Erie Co., N.Y.; Willow Dale Observatory, W. S. Van Duzee, NYPL1584560
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