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February 1956 Map of UN Partition Plan for Palestine, adopted 29 Nov 1947, with boundary of previous UNSCOP partition plan added in green .
Palestinian loss of land - from the UN treaty of 1947 to 2015
Arab Israeli (Six-Day) War (4 June 1967)
Status of the 1947 UN Partition of Palestine
Palestine 1878 - 1927 : Palestinian villages and towns, mixed towns and Zionist settlements
A "Map of Palestine for cars" printed in 1934.
Palestine 1020BC Smith 1915
Jewish Land Ownerships in Mandate of Palestine, 1945, overlaying on top of the 1948 UN partition border and 1949 Armistice line
Palestine according to Eusbius and Jerome - Smith 1915
Palestine Index to Villages and Settlements, showing Land in Jewish Possession as at 31.12.44
1940 motor map of Palestine
Palestine under the Maccabees Smith 1915
Palestine under the Persians Smith 1915
Palestine 1926
Routes et Villes de la Palestine. 1905-1905
Map of Hebron (1912)
Palestine Index to Villages and Settlements, showing Jewish-owned Land 31 March 1945
Jerusalem Reproduced and printed by survey of Palestine
Land Ownership of Palestine in 1945
Palestinian Loss Of Land since 1946
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