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This is the longest straight line you can possibly sail (due to the curvature of the Earth) Pakistan to Russia
Size of Pakistan Compared to Eastern USA
Types of Designs Popular in Each Region of Pakistan
Countries that Export Weapons to India and Pakistan
Pakistan according to Pakistanis
Ethnic groups of Pakistan
India-Pakistan border at nighttime
Ethnicities of Pakistan and Afghanistan
Pakistan in 1947
Afghanistan and Pakistan Ethnic Groups
Pakistan in its first hours
Pakistan Population Density: Gives you idea where Pakistanis live.
Pakistan superimposed on East Coast of US
Languages of Pakistan
Civilian deaths from terrorism in Pakistan across the past 8 years by province.
Laser Walls On India Pakistan Border
Map of the Population Density in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan based on 2015 estimates
NATO supply routes through Pakistan
All the different languages spoken in Pakistan
Stereotypes in Pakistan
Map of states of India and Pakistan in 1947
A language map of Pakistan .
Birthplaces of all Pakistani Prime Ministers 1947-2018
Population density of IR of Pakistan
Major ethnic groups of Pakistan
The Doabs of Punjab, India-Pakistan.
Karachi Urban Jungle and Mangrove Jungle
Languages and Language Families of Pakistan
Pakistan's population density map
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
The Hindu Population of Pakistan
Etymological map of Pakistan
Declassified map of CIA U-2 spyplane Operation Grand Slam, 1960, in which a U-2 based in Pakistan was shot down over Russia.
Ethnic Map of Pakistan
Bombay Prov north 1909
Genetic map of Pakistan
Fertile Plains of Divided Land: Pakistan and India depend on Punjab.
Pakistan light intensity map
Pashtun Tribes in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Pakistan population density map
Map of Countries and Groups Pakistan Has Operated Against (See Comment for Sources & Details)
Hazara and Pashtun Lands in Pakistan and Afghanistan
Civilian fatalities from terrorism in Pakistan by district. 2013 vs. 2018.
Urban growth of a Mega City over 33 years: Lahore. Why did Lahore become regionally significant (even before Pakistan)?
What is the economic consequences on Pakistan if Pakistan loses Kashmir? Considering divergent canals and dams could be built on rivers which all flow towards Pakistan.
Pakistan at its territorial Peak (when Jinnah was Governor General,1947)
Can you explain or interpret the laces binding the Red Sea and the stitches along Iran, Pakistan to India of this cloth print hanging in a restaurant?
Expansion of Lahore City through the ages
Pakistan's Population Density Map
Map showing the similarities between Afghanistan and Pakistan’s ethnic populations
Hyderabad princely state 1909
Hyderabad state from the Imperial Gazetteer of India, 1909
Punjab-Districts 1911
Updated: Population Density of Pakistan: Why is Baluchistan and Gilgit-Baltistan least populated?
Religion in Pakistan: How would Pakistan be if it had a sizable Sikh Population, if Sikhs joined Muslims instead of Hindus? Would we see lower radicalization since there would Punjab would not be religiously homogeneous?
Pakistan general elections 2018
Urban Areas of Lahore
Population density map of Pakistan.
Major ethnic groups of Pakistan in 1980
(Historic/Controversial) Military Invasion of India into Hyderabad State (Independent), dubbed "Police Action" Began in September 1948. Why was Hyderabad Not recognized?
Map of the Dravidian languages in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal
ethnic regions of Pakistan
Indian revolt of 1857 states map
Kashmir/Indus Dispute between Pakistan, India and China.
How Southwest region of Pakistan became Part of Pakistan
(Proposed) Provinces for Pakistan
Provinces, Federally Administered Tribal Territories, Autonomous Regions, Occupied regions, Claimed regions and territorial Waters of Pakistan
Divisions of Pakistan by Annual Population Growth from 1998 to 2017
Major ethnic groups of Pakistan in 1980 borders removed
Size of India compared with the rest of South Asia (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Maldives)
How Balochistan became part of Pakistan
Flights avoiding Pakistan.
Pakistan fertility rate by province 2014-2017
Hyderabad state 1909
NWIndia 1857 imperial gazeteer
Pakistan population density
Baloch Separatist, Kalat (Princely State) called for Independence in 1947, it later became part of Pakistan. Separatists movement resurged.
A map of a piece of the northern areas of Pakistan.
Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, where FRC (colonial era black law) still exists. . Home for most Afghan refugees
Dividing Pakistan in 9 ways
Pakistan and the Bomb
Coastline of Pakistan
Hindu Percentage by District in Pakistan, 1998
Forest fires in Pakistan and India
map of an early proposal for a state of pakistan as a commonwealth of nations, c. 1940
Divisions of Pakistan by Population Density in 2017
Languages of Pakistan
NWIndia 1765 imperial gazeteer
1800 Faden Rennell Wall Map of India - Geographicus - India-faden-1795
Hyderabad and Berar 1903
Map India and Pakistan 1-250,000 Tile NC 44-5 Tiruchirappalli
1960: Map of Pakistan, with East Pakistan and Junagardh (Before Bangladesh). Why did Bangladesh gain independence?
Map Showing Pakistan and its neighbours. Why is Afghanistan so unlit?
Rand McNally map of India, Pakistan and Burma, 1949
FATA and North West Pakistan
Afghan Refugee Population and UNHCR Presence in Pakistan (January 31, 2019)
Languages of Pakistan
Some of the Major/Minor battles fought in Pakistan between 800 BC and 1900's AD
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