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Ottoman map of Syria (1803)
The Sea of Marmara, Ottoman Turkey 1879
Ottoman Map of Asia (1803)
Railroad map of Turkey before and after Atatürk (Ottoman era: 1851-1922 // Atatürk era: 1923-1938)
Ottoman Syria, 1893 map
A Map of the Countries between Constantinople and Calcutta- Including Turkey in Asia, Persia, Afghanistan and Turkestan WDL11753
Russian-Ottoman border in Asia Minor in 1878
1835 Malte-Brun Map of Turkey or the Ottoman Empire in Europe - Geographicus - TurkeyEurope-mb-1837
1840 S.D.U.K. Map of Constantinople ( Istanbul, Turkey ) - Geographicus - Istanbul-sduk-1841
New General Map of the Asian-Eastern Provinces of the Ottoman Empire - Without Arabia
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