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Ottoman Empire map of the United States (1803)
Ottoman Map of the World, 19th Century
Ottoman Map of the World (1803)
Ottoman Map of Scotland (1803)
Ottoman map of Africa (1803)
Ottoman Empire 1803 World Map
Ottoman map of Australia (1894)
Map of Constantinople, Pera and Uskudar c. 1860
Ottoman map of England and Wales (1803)
Ottoman map of Syria (1803)
Ottoman Map of the Eastern Hemisphere (1803)
The Bosphorus; which Connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean through Constantinople (c. 1830)
Ottoman Map of Germany (1803)
Ottoman map of the Americas (1803)
The Ottoman Empire - 1815
Ottoman world map, 1803
The Sea of Marmara, Ottoman Turkey 1879
Ottoman map of Poland (1803)
Ottoman Map of the Northern Hemisphere (1803)
Ottoman Map of the Southern Hemisphere (1803)
Religious/ethnic map of Constantinople/Istanbul in the late 19th century (Map in Hungarian)
Ottoman map of England and Wales from 1803.
Europe in 1871 with flags (Ottoman vassals marked as part of the ottoman empire)
Ottoman Map of Madagascar (1803)
Ottoman Map of Europe, 1803
Ottoman Map of Australia (1803)
An Ottoman map of the Ottoman Empire (including Morocco) Early 19th Century
Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires Map (1815-1859)
Ethnic map of the Ottoman Empire (Balkans), mid 19th century
Ottoman World Map, Cedid Atlas, 1803
Various maps from late 19th century primary school group photo, 1890, Ottoman Empire
The world from a different perspective/ Ottoman Empire 1803.
The poles from the The Cedid Atlas (The New Atlas in Ottoman Turkish). One of the first printed atlases in the Muslim world, commissioned by the Ottoman government in 1803.
Ottoman Map of Africa 1803
1803 Ottoman-Turkish map that shows the provinces of England
Mosques present in Cyprus in 1878 - in 1878 Ottoman rule ended and British rule started in Cyprus
The Armenian population in the Ottoman and Russian empire in 1896
Map of the Bosnia Vilayet (part of the Ottoman Empire), 19th century
Lovely Ottoman map of France - 1803 (source and an even higher resolution? comments)
Ottoman map of Europe. 1803
Eastern United States - Ottoman Turkish - 1803 - High quality! (more in the comment section)
Ottoman Map of Asia (1803)
Railroad map of Turkey before and after Atatürk (Ottoman era: 1851-1922 // Atatürk era: 1923-1938)
Balkans, Ottoman and Austrian Empire 1815-1859
A 19th Century Ottoman World Map
An Ottoman Map of the Ottoman Empire, mid-19th century
Military Frontier of Habsburg Empire established in 16th century with aim to block Ottoman incursions into Europe. Lasted until 1881
1803 ottoman map.
Byzantine Constantinople
Muslim Georgian (Mostly), Exile and Migration to Northern Anatolia (Showed as provinces) After 1828-1879 & 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian Wars. Note: The map has not any political purposes
Ottoman Syria, 1893 map
Aftermath of the Ottoman-Egyptian War (1839)
Caricature map showing the political situation in Europe in 1877. Russia, depicted as an octopus reaching to many countries, battles with the Turkish Empire, depicted as a turbaned figure protecting his prized gold watch, Constantinople
The Avenger: An Allegorical War Map for 1877
A Map of the Countries between Constantinople and Calcutta- Including Turkey in Asia, Persia, Afghanistan and Turkestan WDL11753
Smyrne Vilayet (1894) - Today's Izmir
Ottoman man of England (1840)
Vintage map of Habsburg Military Frontier from 1800 (militarized borderland toward Ottoman Empire) that for centuries protected Empire from Ottoman incursions. It lasted from 1553 to 1881
Konstantinos Kaldis - View of Constantinople - 1851
Russian-Ottoman border in Asia Minor in 1878
1835 Malte-Brun Map of Turkey or the Ottoman Empire in Europe - Geographicus - TurkeyEurope-mb-1837
1840 S.D.U.K. Map of Constantinople ( Istanbul, Turkey ) - Geographicus - Istanbul-sduk-1841
New General Map of the Asian-Eastern Provinces of the Ottoman Empire - Without Arabia
A (totally original, never before thought of) flag map of Europe in 1860, the beginning of the Ottoman decline, during the Italian Unification process (1815-1871), German Confederation (1815-1866) and following the Partitions of Poland (1772, 1773 and 1795)
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