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Ottoman Empire map of the United States (1803)
Ottoman Map of the World, 19th Century
Ottoman Map of the World (1803)
Ottoman map of Africa (1803)
Ottoman Map of Scotland (1803)
A faithful reconstruction of Constantinople in the year 1200, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire
Cairo, Egypt in the 16th century - by Ottoman cartographer Piri Reis
Ottoman map of Australia (1894)
Ottoman Empire 1803 World Map
Ottoman map of the Arabian Peninsula 1732
Mediaeval map of Constantinople, 1422 / by Cristoforo Buondelmonti, a Florentine cartographer
Map of Constantinople, Pera and Uskudar c. 1860
Ottoman map of Syria (1803)
1525 Map of Alanya by Piri Reis
Ottoman map of England and Wales (1803)
A view of Byzantine Constantinople in AD 1000
Ottoman Map of the Eastern Hemisphere (1803)
Expanded 17th century Ottoman world map based on one originally composed in 1525 and dedicated to Sultan Süleyman I ("The Magnificent") by Piri Reis
Map from the Atlas-ı Cedid, the first Ottoman Atlas
Ottoman Map of Germany (1803)
17th Century Map of Japan by Ottoman scholar Katip Çelebi
1701 Guillaume Delisle map of the Ottoman and Persian Empires x-post /r/HI_Res
1525 Piri Reis Map of the Island of Rhodes, Greece
Constantinople in the 13th C. by French Artist Antoine Helbert
World in 1567, by Ottoman sailor Ali Macar Reis (Ottoman Archives, Turkey)
Andrees Handatlas 1914: The Ottoman Empire before its downfall in 1922. No wonder there is a lot of war in this region, the borders are completely different.
Territory of the former Yugoslavia - time spent under Ottoman control
The "Farmer & Settler" map of Gallipoli War area - 1915, showing landing places of the French, British, Australian and New Zealand troops during World War I
Ottoman Map of the Indian Ocean and the China Sea, 1728, Cartographer Ibrahim Muteferrika
Number of years each part of former Yugoslavia spent under Ottoman rule
SE Europe & The Ottoman Empire, 1916.
The oldest surviving Ptolemaic world map, redrawn according to his 1st projection by monks at Constantinople under Maximus Planudes around 1300
Map of Byzantium/Constantinople. See if you can estimate a date
Robur tea war map, Turkish Empire ; Robur war map, Gallipoli and the Dardanelles : bird's eye view (1915). Shows British and Allied landings on 25 April 1915 and later; the range of 12 and 15 inch naval guns depicted
Map of Constantinople made using Age of Empires II
A print of Piri Reis's 1525 Ottoman map of Malta
Ottoman map of the Americas (1803)
Map of Constantinople (Κωνσταντινούπολη) in the style of medieval city maps...
Ethnicity of Ottoman parliament deputies in 1908
The Ottoman Empire - 1815
Turkish (Ottoman) Empire at its territorial peak (1683)
Every Country That was Invaded by the Ottoman Empire
A world map from "Kitab-ı Bahriye", written by Piri Reis in the 16th century as a gift to #Ottoman Sultan Süleyman
The "Inexplicable Map" of Piri Reis, 1513. The map shows the western coasts of North Africa, the coast of Brazil and (very oddly) an ice-free Antarctica, long before Antartica was officially discovered.
The Byzantine Empire used a system of beacons (an optical telegraph) to transmit messages across Asia Minor to Constantinople. The main line of beacons stretched over some 450 miles (720 km). A message could be transmitted the entire length of the line within an hour. #Seshat
The Ottoman Empire at the start of WW1
The "Sublime State," or the Ottoman Empire, in the year 1683 just before its defeat at the gates of Vienna
The Ottoman Empire to its greatest extent
16th Century Ottoman Map of Europe on a modern map of Europe
The decline of the Ottoman Empire, 1699 - 1923
Possible redistribution of Ottoman and Arabian territory on the principle of self determination
Ottoman world map, 1803
The Sea of Marmara, Ottoman Turkey 1879
Ottoman-made map of the Americas (early 1800s)
Number of years regions of Greece were part of Ottoman Empire
Territorial losses of Ottoman Empire between 1699-1918
Ottoman map of Poland (1803)
Number of years each part of Greece remained under Ottoman rule
Ottoman picture of the known world printed around 1730, depicting everything from the island of California to an extremely accurate Australia
Map of the Holy League of Pope Clement VIII in 1594 - an alliance to drive Ottoman Empire out of Europe
Ottoman Map of the Northern Hemisphere (1803)
Ottoman Empire - The Reign of Mehmed II (1481)
Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughal Empires
Ottoman Map of the Southern Hemisphere (1803)
Religious/ethnic map of Constantinople/Istanbul in the late 19th century (Map in Hungarian)
Ottoman map of UK and Ireland from 1891.
Ottoman map of England and Wales from 1803.
Europe in 1871 with flags (Ottoman vassals marked as part of the ottoman empire)
Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire
16th Century Ottoman Map of Nile Valley from Piri Reis
An Ottoman map of Aegean Sea and the surroundings from 17th century
Eyalets (provinces) and Vassals of the Ottoman Empire in 1609
An Ottoman Era United States map. Greek script but in Ottoman Turkish
Ottoman Map of Madagascar (1803)
Ottoman Empire and Russia size comparison
A brief history of the southwestern Levant, from the Ottoman Empire until today.
Armenian Population in the Ottoman Empire 1913-1914 (Additional Informations about Ottoman Armenia in the Comments)
A 16th Century Ottoman World Map
Ottoman Map of Europe, 1803
The Islamic World depicted in an Ottoman Poster, 1914 (from Ottoman Imperial Archives)
Ottoman Map of Australia (1803)
Expansion of Italian Libya -- Dark green: territories ceded by the Ottoman Empire in 1912 ; light green: territories ceded by France and Britain in 1919 and 1926 ; red: territories ceded by France and Britain in 1934-35
The Ottoman Empire 1481 to 1683
Armenians in the eastern Ottoman Empire in the 1870s
Destruction of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire
An Ottoman map of the Ottoman Empire (including Morocco) Early 19th Century
Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires Map (1815-1859)
Ottoman Empire and United States size comparison
Spread of the printing press in the Ottoman Empire
A map of Ottoman conquests written in Ottoman Turkish and published in 1914.
Ottoman Grand Viziers born per country, with respect to modern borders
Expansion of the Ottoman Empire (w/ Turkish place names)
Ethnic map of the Ottoman Empire (Balkans), mid 19th century
Old map of Ottoman Empire from late 1800s
Various maps from late 19th century primary school group photo, 1890, Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Empire, 1461-1683
Expansion of Ottoman Empire
And here's an Ottoman map of Nazi Europe (look closely)
Ottoman Empire and Polish Lithuanian commonwealth size comparison
Ottomans, Austria-Hungary and Balkans according to Treaty of Berlin
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