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Physical Map of Europe from Harper's school geography (1875) - with an inset of Ohio
1805 Cary Map of the Great Lakes and Western Territory (Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, etc.)
The Great Black Swamp -- A huge, nearly impassable swampland in Ohio that was dried up in the 19th century
Cleveland light rail system, 1898 (oc)
A county map of the 1888 US presidential election (Cleveland vs. Harrison, round 1) .
Cleveland 1877
Cincinnati part IX embracing 11th & 19th wards. (1869)
Map of Franklin County Ohio 1883
Map of Fort Anderson, N.C., captured February 19th, 1865, By the 'Army of the Ohio, Maj. Gen'. J. M. Schofield... - NARA - 305784
Ohio glacial boundary
Panoramic map of Findlay Ohio
Sandusky, Ohio birdseye map (1898). loc call no g4084s-pm007070
Cleveland 1887
1854 Colton Pocket Map of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and Kentucky - Geographicus - WesternStates-colton-1854
Map of Lucas County, Ohio, 1896
Historical Collections of Ohio- An Encyclopedia of the State; History Both General and Local, Geography with Descriptions of Its Counties, Cities and Villages, Its Agricultural, Manufacturing, Mining (14770768374)
Ohio arch├Žological and historical quarterly (1887) (14578061279)
The street railway review (1891) (14760985592)
A new map of the western rivers, or, Travellers guide exhibiting the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Illinois rivers with all the principal towns, islands & distances (8346468069)
1860 Mitchell's Map of Ohio and Indiana - Geographicus - INOH-m-63
Photocopy of 1900 map of Cleveland Harbor, from Corps of Engineers files, Buffalo District. - Cleveland Breakwater at Cleveland Harbor, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH HAER OHIO,18-CLEV,17-3
Res. of A. Yund Mill Grove, N.Y.; Graded School, Alden, N.Y.; Emile Yund, Mill Grove, Erie County, N.Y.; J. Parker.; Medical Office and Residence of Dr. O. P. Crane, Akron, N.Y.; Res. of NYPL1584535
FMIB 39499 Map showing the effect of the glacial dam at Cincinnati
Map, boundary, Michigan and Ohio (8347660926)
FMIB 39527 Map illustrating a stage in the recession of ice in Ohio Gravel deposits formed at this stage along the outlet into the
A history of Cleveland and its environs; the heart of new Connecticut, Elroy McKendree Avery (1918) (14802385733)
1827 Finley Map of Ohio - Geographicus - Ohio-finley-1827
New Ohio P.O., Colesville TP; Port Crane, Fenton TP; West Colesville P.O., Colesville TP; North Colesvilles P.O; Oquaga P.O., Colesville TP; Center Village, Colesville TP; Osborne Hollow P.O., NYPL1576033
Western route, from Boston to Michigan, Ohio and Indiana ; Southern route, from Boston to Wilmington and Red Clay (9474409138)
1873 Asher Adams Map of the Midwest ( Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky ) - Geographicus - INILOHMOKTTN-aa-1873
Residence of L. A. Parker, Town of Clarence.; Stoves, Agricultural Implements, Castings of all Descriptions, Lathe and Machine Work, and c.; Res. of Alex Goslin, Akron, Erie County, N.Y.; Res. NYPL1584469
Photocopy of 1827 map of mouth of Cuyahoga River from Corps of Engineers files, Buffalo District. This is the earliest map of the Cleveland Harbor in the Corps' files. - HAER OHIO,18-CLEV,17-2
1850 Mitchell Map of Ohio - Geographicus - Ohio-m-50
Akron (Village) NYPL1584534
Akron (Village); Newstead (Township) NYPL1584536
County map of Ohio and Indiana. NYPL1510814
A plat of Good Hope township, Hocking County, Ohio (4231922320)
O'SHEAS (1895) p583 TOLEDO
A plat of Green township, Hocking County, Ohio (4231922214)
A plat of Starr township Hocking County Ohio (4231922946)
A plat of Ward township, Hocking County Ohio (4231154403)
1855 Colton Map of Ohio - Geographicus - Ohio-colton-1855
1862 Johnson Map of Ohio and Indiana - Geographicus - OhioIndiana-johnson-1862
A plat of Washington Township, Hocking County Ohio (4231922716)
1864 Johnson Map of Ohio - Geographicus - Ohio-johnson-1864
1872 Birds Eye View of Columbus Ohio by Bailey LC
Barry's Scheme to widen Cleveland Row 1850
Bloomingville, (Ohio) (4231153795)
Map of the district of Delaware in Ohio (4231299165)
1864 Mitchell Map of Cincinnati. Ohio - Geographicus - Cincinnati-mitchell-1864
County of Ohio, West Virginia (4232063374)
Akron (Village); Akron Business Directory; Sardinia Business Directory; Kerr's Corners Business Directory; Kerrs Cor's (Village); Transit Business Directory; Transit Amherst P.O; Sardinia (Village) NYPL1576157
Albert Ruger - View of Toledo - 1876 - 001
Map of the states of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois with the settled parts of Michigan & Wisconsin (8346468407)
Map of the states of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois with the settled parts of Michigan & Wisconsin (9138377568)
1855 Colton Plan or Map of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Cincinnati, Ohio - Geographicus - PittsburghCincinnati-colton-1855
1864 Mitchell Map of Ohio and Indiana - Geographicus - OHIN-mitchell-1864
The State of Ohio, with part of Upper Canada, etc NYPL1404001
Bird's-eye View of Massillon, Stark County, Ohio, 1870 WDL9584
1886 Perrysburg Ohio map
1886 Perrysburg Ohio
The street railway review (1891) (14571877759)
Ohio - Newark Earth Works - drawn 1860
1805 Treaty of Greenvile townships, Ohio country
Venango railroad and its connections, air line from New York to Cleveland, Toledo & Chicago (8249864397)
Plan of Benton township, Hocking County, Ohio (4231293095)
Cleveland medical gazette (1895) (14784966713)
1846 Burroughs - Mitchell Map of Ohio - Geographicus - Ohio-m-1846
PSM V72 D046 Tenant farmers of ohio based on the 12th census of 1900
PSM V72 D047 Farm acreage of ohio by county based on the 12th census of 1900
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