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1853 Japanese World Map
Australia drawn up by roads
Exaggerated relief map of New Guinea and northeast Australia
Exaggerated relief map of New Zealand under a moonlit night
James Cook's map of New Zealand - One of the most important maps in New Zealand's history and the first complete map of the two island's coastlines. Made during Cook's first voyage it shows the track of the Endeavour with dates´╗┐
"The Inlander" Map of Australia (1922)´╗┐
1638 map of Southeast Asia, China, India, the Philippines and western Oceania (with early location of Northwestern Australia)
1862 Japanese Map of Australia
Climate analogues of Australia
Map of the world (in mercator projection) if the South Pole was in Australia
Freycinet Map of 1811. The first full map of Australia to be published
New Zealand Terrain Map
WWII Japanese Aeronautical Map of Australia (1943)
1756 map of Australia and New Zealand
3D raised relief map of Australia made from wood
Ottoman map of Australia (1894)
1780 map of Australia - as Ulimaroa
1860 map of Australia. Includes illustrations: Escaped convicts in the bush, native, arrival of an emigrant ship, hunting the kangaroo
Hollandia Nova detecta 1644 : map of Australia, incomplete south and east coast, part of Tasmanian coastline
Mainland Australia & Tasmania Climate Analogues
New Zealand Continent
1724 Map of East Asia and Australia
The British colonies of Australia, 1845
Australia mapped by its 1.4 million rivers and streams, 100,000 lakes and 30,000 canals
Half the population of Australia live in the blue areas
Indian Ocean including Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia (1946) - National Geographic
1925 map showing principal river basins of Australia
1880s map shewing the railway systems of Australia
1802 map of Australia, South East Asia and the South West Pacific, Japan and western China
Population Map of Australia, from the 1921 Census
British and foreign possessions in the vicinity of Australia (1914?)
Languages of Australia
Australia and Brazil comparison
Laser Cut Map of Australia
The only relevant map of Australia
1813 map of Australia, New Zealand & New Guinea
In 1830, Thomas J. Maslen imagined a big river in the middle of Australia
Size Comparison between Australia and the United States
A new chart of New Holland (Australia) on which are delineated New South Wales and a plan for Botany Bay (1770)
Coastlines of the Ice Age - Aotearoa / New Zealand
Road Map of Australia. Freeways and Highways in white/pink. Streets and unsealed roads in purple
Australia 1851
Map of Samoa (1896)
Before the beginning of the 19th century, Australia did not have an official name. Here are some names given to Australia on maps at the end of the 18th century
Coastlines of the Ice Age - Sahul / Australia
River Basins of Australia in Rainbow Colours
1882 map of Australia by C.F.Weiland. The Northern Territory is shown as 'Nord Australia' and 'Alexandra Land'
Half the population of Australia represented in red
1886 map of Australia, showing 'North Australia' and 'Alexandra Land'
General Chart of Terra Australis or Australia by Matthew Flinders
Australia, a Gigantic Inheritance : taken from a magazine published in Japan in September, 1919
Exaggerated Relief Map of New Guinea and northern Australia - At Night
1863 map of New Zealand - by James Wyld
New Zealand search and rescue area transposed over Europe
Renard's map of the Pacific Ocean circa 1675. Showing California as an Island and important early projections of Australia and New Zealand, showing information from Tasman's two voyages in 1642-1943 and 1644
Australia and the surrounding area with lights from space at night / by Anton Balazh. Elements are furnished by NASA
1770s chart of the South Pacific Ocean. Believed by many to be the 1st published chart of the Pacific to show the east coast of Australia, and New Zealand's North and South Islands. Cooks first Voyage track is charted
Papua New Guinea River Basins in Rainbow Colours
Map of a Not Yet Fully Discovered Australia 1659.
Map of the northern island of New Zealand, showing lands belonging to the British and Natives - 1860
1913 Exploration Map of the Commonwealth of Australia
1797 map of Australasia, Polynesia and part of South-East Asia. Australia is called Ulimaroa
Australia over North America
Australia 1911
Tree Cover Density of Australia
Australia and New Zealand (1941)
Australia vs the world
River Basins of the Murray Darling, Australia
Map of South-East Australia from 1908.
Western Australia, Swan River. 1860 Map of Southwestern Western Australia
Map of the discovery and exploration of Australia, 1519 to 1901 by sea and land (1927)
Map of Australia, 1793
Light Pollution Map of Australia
1930s Pictorial Map of Australia / designed by Margaret Whiting Spilhaus
Railroad map of Australia as per January 2019
Map of Australia, South-East Part, Victoria, New South Wales, and parts of South Australia, and Queensland from 1903. Very detailed scarce map of South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales,Tasmania and part of southern Queensland.
Map of SOUTHERN AUSTRALIA from 1875.
A composed satellite map of Australia
A satellite map based on Thomas Maslen's map from his 1833 book "The Friend of Australia" where he argued the case for there being a huge river delta in the Australian continent.
Australia's First Map - from Nicholas Vallard's manuscript sea atlas (1547), showing Jave La Grande's east coast
Parts of New Zealand with no people living within 1 square kilometre
All roads and streets in Australia!
Map of WESTERN AUSTRALIA from 1888.
Habitability map of Australia, 1946
Exaggerated Relief Map of Southeastern Australia
Map of Aboriginal languages in Australia made by David R Horton. The Aboriginal Language Map attempts to represent all of the language or tribal or nation groups of Indigenous people of Australia. It indicates general locations of larger groupings of people.
Temperature and vegetation of Australia & New Zealand 1896
Early 20th century Bold-Feature Map of Australia
Elevation (orographical) map of Australia from the 1920s
Map of the world (Mercator) if the south pole was in Australia
Circle dot road maps of New Zealand's largest cities
Subdivisions of Australia from 1787 to 1908
The satisfying aerial view of Mt.Taranaki , New Zealand .
Adlard map of Australia with the very short-lived divisions of 1846.
1724 map of Australia
Climate Analogues of AUSTRALIA
Map of Australia with a so called 'remoteness index', illustrating how far locations in Australia are from population centers
Raised Relief Map of Australia and New Zealand (1880)
The very lirtle urban areas of Australia
Crop production map of Australia
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