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Carta marina, an early map of the Nordic countries, made around end of Kalmar Union and start of Denmark-Norway (1539)
In 2014 three Norwegian travellers managed to visit 19 countries in just one day
Jannson’s Map of Norway (1700)
Map of the Diocese of Stavanger, Norway. Published in 1638 by Johannes Blaeu and Cornelius Blaeu for The Atlas Van der Hagen
1829 map of Norway
Eight ways to divide Norway
Rivers and streams in Oslo. Blue are still open. Red are now under ground.
Relief map of Norway
Places in Norway literally named after Hell
1870 Johnson's Map of Sweden, Norway and Denmark
Population density in Viking Age Norway
Hand drawn maps of Norwegian fjords (1872) overlayed on Google Earth's 3D mountain formations.
Norwegian Stereotypes
Nobody lives here - Norway: Green blocks of 25km2 where nobody lives
It is currently colder in Milan, Italy than in Bergen, Norway
Historical expansion and relocation of Oslo
Map of Norwegian municipalities. Each color indicates where 1/4 of the population lives.
Norway, "how big is it in reality"... an actual map I made, not a screenshot
Church membership vs. church attendance in Norway
Norwegian railway stations - Meters above sea level
The demilitarised zone between Norway and Sweden, in effect 1905–1993.
Map of the US from 1853 targeting Norwegian immigrants, including where cheap unappropriated land is still avilable, a little flag for the largest Norwegian settlements, and -- for some reason -- the Territory of Deseret
Another Fun Fact: The UK extends further north than Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki & St. Petersburg
Fantasy-style map of Norway's unification
Norway compared to Eastern United States
Everything that was ever Norwegian
Norwegian school atlas 1960s. "TRO"= Faith/religion
The Norwegian fleet levy in 1270 ad. by region.
Norwegian election 2017, winning parties by municipality.
Satellite image of Continental Norway in winter
Travel advice from the Norwegian foreign department. 2018 compared to 2015 and 2017
Geographic distribution of imbeciles in Norway, 1859
Population Map of Norway in 1971
Norway and its regional stereotypes
The Norwegian election in 1945, following WW2
The Norwegian Crusade, led by Norwegian King Sigurd I, lasted from 1107 to 1111, in the aftermath of the First Crusade. The Norwegian Crusade marks not only the first time a Scandinavian king personally went crusading to the Holy Land, but also the first time any European king did so.
Norway's current territorial extent according to the Norwegian state
U.S. states with Nominal GDP per capita larger than Norway($70,000)
1994 EU Referendums in Sweden and Norway by municipality
Norway drawn up by roads
Norwegian colonial empire
Distance Travelled by Public Transport per annum per capita (EU, Norway & Switzerland)
Immigrants in Norway, more in comments
Linguistic map of Norway
Map of Norway in 1000 AD (after the Battle of Svolder)
Norway Cell Phone Coverage
Left Wing (Red) vs. Right Wing (Blue) coalition in Norwegian Municipalities in the 2017 parliamentary election.
Place names in Norway translated to English (1310 × 926)
The pronouns "I", "we", "y'all" and "them" in traditional Norwegian dialects.
The Norwegian Kingdom at its greatest extent, c. 1265
Population - United States census, 1870. Density, Foreign, Colored, British American, Swedish and Norwegian
Every river and stream in Norway
Counties of Norway split into four (almost) equally large regions in population
The medieval norse stave-churches in Norway, and when they were demolished/burned.
All place names mentioned in Norwegian sagas and Medieval parchments
Size of Norway compared to the Eastern United States
Votes for the communist party in the Norwegian 1945 election, by municipality
Population density map of municipalities in Norway (2016)
The 1994 EU membership referendums (Norway and Sweden)
"Norway" in various European languages
Embassies of Norway
The territory of Brazil can cover, Portugal to Russia. From Italy to Iceland and cover the entire North Sea, Baltic Sea and Norwegian Sea.
The extend of the Norwegian church in 1250. The archdiocese of Niðaróss.
Travel Time to Cities in Sweden and Norway
Animated subway map of Oslo and its original geography.
Map of a Norwegian fjord in the middle ages
Waterways of Norway
The five most remote buildings in Norway
A study from 2016 about how many Muslims live in the EU +Norway and Switzerland
Vardø, Norway is closer to China than it is to Portugal m.
1730 Homann Map of Scandinavia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Baltics - Geographicus - Scandinavia-homann-1730
Population comparison between Norwegian counties and US states
1700s map of Kjeøya, Norway, in a mesmerizing drawing style
Parts of Norway are further east than Saint-Petersburg, Kiev, and Istanbul.
Travel time from Tromso, Norway by car
3d map of Northern part of Norway and Sweden. Lofoten. Narvik, Tromso.
Passive-Aggressive map of Norway from the POV of Jan Mayen
Areas of Sweden often considered to speak Norwegian dialects.
Surviving medieval churches in Norway
An Arctic Fox's journey from Svalbard, Norway to Ellesmere Island, Canada.
An old(1881-1902) hand drawn map of Strindfjorden (Trondheimsfjorden), Norway.
Norwegian Island of Lofoten merged with Blender by Levi Westerveld
Loss of "wildness" in Norway, defined as 5 km air distance to the next major technical installation
Watersheds of Norway
When the arctic sea ice melts it will be just barely possible to swim in a straight line from mainland Norway to Antarctica
HDI of the world's nations compared to Norway's HDI
Map of Norway from 1761
New Administrative Regions of Norway from 2020
Percentage of schoolkids using the Norwegian written form Nynorsk in 1950. Small white dots are towns.
Norway compared to the US East Coast
Map showing the word "swing set" in different Norwegian dialects.
Trondheim Norway - 1940
If Norway was an American state
Norwegian average mid-year temperature (1961-1990)
People settled in "densely populated" or urban areas by municipality, Norway.
Oslo, the capital of Norway is closer to Vienna than one of it's most northern places Skarsvåg
A fox's journey from Norway to Canada. 3506 km (2178 m) in 76 days.
Map of student benefits on railways in EU states, Norway and Western Balkans
Interactive bench map of Norway in Oslo Airport
Levanger map 1909
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