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"The Battlefronts of Europe", 1917, a superimposed and Mercator-adjusted image of the four major European WWI battlefronts on the contiguous United States
The US and its territorial possessions to scale before WW2
Map of US Military and CIA Interventions since World War 2
German U-boat losses and their locations in World War II
Axis Military Operations in North America during the Second World War, excluding submarine attacks on ships (OC)
WW1 US Pro-Hungarian poster criticising the Treaty of Trianon
Map of USA if America lost WW2 as depicted in "Man in the high castle".
United States Height Map - devised from 1945 World War II enlistee records
Countries that the USA has bombed since the end of WW2
Locations in the U.S. and Canada where the Manhattan Project was researched and conducted during World War II
Map of balloon sightings, recovery, or attack in the U.S. and Canada launched by the Japanese Empire during World War II
Countries that the USA has bombed since the end of WW2
US Fleet at Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941
World at War (WWII)
Daily WW2 Maps: US-"Imperialism" (fixed)
US Military and CIA Interventions since World War II
US military and CIA interventions since WWII
Damage map of Nagasaki, produced by the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, 1946
US Lend-Lease Shipments to USSR During WWII
The Italian front, WW2 (US & UK forces highlighted)
Operation Torch Map, successful Allied (US & UK) invasion of Viche-occupied North Africa during WW2
Operation Husky, Allied (US & UK) liberation of Sicily during WW2
WW2 poster-map of USA showing what would be equivalent of current war situation on Soviet front
Countries whose Governments were Successfully or Unsuccessfully Overthrown/Altered by the US Government since WW2
Daily WW2 Maps: #2 US-Imperialism
Daily WW2 Maps: #10 Englands concessions towards the USA
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