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1853 Japanese World Map
Number of US counties from the Atlantic or Pacific Coasts
Map Of The World With The Pacific Northwestern United States Labeled As Atlantis (1704)
United States bases and deployments in the Asia-Pacific (2017)
All territories that were at one time under French control in North America between 1534 to 1803. (This map is only listing around 60 Forts while there was more than 150 in New France - France claimed to go all the way to the Pacific ocean but there was no permanent presence.)
Japanese map of the US Navy's situation in the Pacific, 1942
Map of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. In the Congress of 1946-47, the US Navy supported a bill to annex and organize the Trust Territory, with Guam as the capital, so that it could become a US State
Location of every major ship in the US Navy Pacific Fleet 1942-1945
Plano del Archipielago de Clayocuat 1791
Tokelau vs The United States of America : satellite image of Swains Island in the Pacific, which is subject to an ongoing territorial dispute between Tokelau and the U.S. (administered as part of American Samoa)
1910 GTP
1772 Vaugondy and Diderot Map of the Pacific Northwest and the Northwest Passage
1747 Bowen Map of North America and South America (Western Hemisphere)
Coltons map of the United States of America, the British provinces, Mexico and the West Indies showing the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean (9471060251)
Diagram of the United States of America, Mexico, the West India Islands and Isthmus of Darien showing proposed routes of the Pacific Rail Road ... (8346169931)
1904 map of the coast of Washington
Fredonia or the United States of North-America including also Cabotia, or the Canadian provinces; the Western Territory to the Pacific Ocean; and the northern part of the Mexican States (7557600300)
1600 Map of America & Western Hemisphere
Map of the United States and their territories between the Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean; and part of Mexico (8345712217)
Map of the United States and their territories between the Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean; and part of Mexico (9138717458)
United States Pacific map 1983-09-08 to 1983-09-23
National Atlas of the USA 1970 - Pacific Outlying Areas
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