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Every United States Presidential Election (1789-2016)
United States of Apathy : 2016 U.S. presidential elections if abstention from voting was counted as a vote for "Nobody"
Political chart of the United States showing the results of the 1836 and 1840 Elections. Whig States are in red, and LocoFoco are in blue
2016 US election results highlighting counties with over 100,000 people
Results of the 1984 United States Presidential election by county. The most lopsided election in history, the only state Reagan failed to win was his opponent’s, Minnesota.
Every USA presidential elections between 1788 and 2012
Margins of victory in the 2016 US presidential election
Map of the United States with electoral college power in mind
The bizarre-looking 1976 US Presidential Election map
1980 United States presidential election, Result by County
Mexico 2018 election result map
The US's economical hot spot overlayed over the 2016 election results
How much each vote actually counts for in US presidential elections
1st round results of the 2017 Conservative Party of Canada leadership election
United States Presidential Election Results 1952-2012
How each state voted in the past 15 US Presidential Elections
Canada 2015 Federal Election
The last year a US state did not vote for the correct candidate in a presidential election
US 2016 Presidential Election Turnout of Total Eligible Voters
Gun owners vs non-gun owners in 2016 US elections
Took me 5 months to make: the 2016 US Presidential Election, by county
United States presidential election, 1924
US Presidential Election by Precinct in the Midwest, 2008 vs 2016
US state map scaled to how much time was spent there during the 2016 Presidential Election by both campaigns
US Mid-Term Elections Prediction
United States 2016 presidential election results by town in New England
2016 US Presidential Election; Non-Hispanic White Vote by County Map
United States voter turnout, 2016 general election
Apathetic States of America - 2016 US Election, Trump vs. Clinton vs. Nobody
A little late for Canada 150, but here is a map of Canada's first ever election - held between August 7 - September 20 1867. This map shows the winning party vote by each electoral riding. (5345 × 3921)
United States of Apathy: 2016 US Presidential Election Results if Abstention from Voting Was Counted as a Vote for "Nobody"
Electoral Map - 1984 US Presidential Elections
2016 United States Democratic Primary Results vs General Election Results by County or County Equivalent
County swing in US presidential elections - 2008 vs. 2016
Hypothetical US presidential election win covering the least land area. Area shaded gold totals 18 states, 270 electoral votes and covers 16% of land area.
Asian Vote by County in the 2016 US Presidential Election
2018 US House election by county
United States of America Partition Plan : splitting America into two nations, based on election results maps from the past 12 years, and along county lines
Share of adults who voted in the 2016 Presidential Election in the contiguous United States
Gary Johnson's performance in the 2016 United States presidential election on a county-by-county level
USA 1912 Elections - Socialist Party of America
Population-Weighted Precinct Cartogram of the 2016 US Presidential Election
1880 USA electoral college map: Rep. Garfield won over Dem. Hancock.
The election of Coroners in the United States
A Different Way of Looking at the 2016 US Presidential Election: By Media Market
Change in Voter Turnout for United States Presidential Election by State, 2012 to 2016
US Governor Election Results (2014-2017)
The 2016 US Presidential Election if every state allocated their electors by congressional district
2016 election results in the Northeast US
1968 US Presidential Election results in the South
Swing between the 2012 and 2016 US Presidential Elections
If Canada used the electoral college (The Conservatives won the popular vote btw)
Women in US House of Representatives by Party Affiliation after 2018 Election
Canada's 2019 Federal Election Adjusted to Have Equal Sized Ridings
Precinct Cartogram of US 2016 Presidential Election
Change in Percentage Margin Between 2012 and 2016 United States Presidential Elections by Precinct (BLUE=Clinton outperformed Obama; RED=Trump outperformed Romney; the darker the shade the higher the percentage)
Counties won by candidates in the 2016 Presidential Election and the 2017 US Senate Special Election in Alabama
2018 Midterm elections House of Representatives USA
Hawaii Election Results by County, all Democratic
2016 Presidential Election by County
1912 US election results for popular Socialist Party candidate Eugene V. Debs
1924 US Presidential Election
United States Presidential Election Results by County 1900. Shades of red are for McKinley (Republican), shades of blue are for Bryan (Democratic), and shades of green are for "Other(s)"
1936 US Presidential Election Results by County
Comparison of US states' median household income and electoral performance in 2016 Presidential elections
A map of the 2016 US Presidential election (H. Clinton vs. D. Trump) in New Jersey .
Republican Party presidential primaries results, 2016
Democratic Party presidential primaries results, 2016
United States 1920 presidential election
2016 US Election by Precinct (no unpopulated census blocks)
Brazilian 2018 presidential election in style of US presidential elections
United States presidential election, 1936
Canada's safe seats (voted for the same party in the last 4 elections)
Party Control of US States Following 2019 Elections
2017 Presidential referendum of Turkey if both choices were candidates w/US type electoral college.
United States Presidential Election Map, 1896
Know Nothing US presidential election results by county (1856). Know Nothing was an 1850s American political movement that wanted to end the influence of Irish Catholics and other immigrants in American politics
Massachusetts Election Results by County, all Democratic
2004 Illinois Senate results
A map of the results of the 2018 US House of Representatives elections .
US Election: 2016 vs 2020 | How did party voting shift?
Connecticut Election Results by County, all Democratic
Delaware Election Results by county, all Democrat
3rd largest political party in US States by most recent gubernatorial election
US states grouped by the years of their next two regularly-scheduled Senate elections
2018 US Election Day Poll Closing Times By State
Canada 2019 election Projection if held today
Voting behaviour in Provincial Elections in Canada since Trudeau's victory in 2015.
Leading Republican 2012 primary candidate by state map
Democratic convention 2016 roll call map
The fewest US counties you can remove to change the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election
1968 US Presidential Election in Florida
Rhode Island Election Results by County, all Democratic
20140526005342!Republican Party presidential primaries results, 2012
Republican Party presidential primaries results, 2012 by plurality
Cartogram—2016 Electoral Vote
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