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Ethnolinguistic Map of Benin, Nigeria, & Cameroon
Tofua, Tonga
New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa
Languages of Nigeria and Cameroon
1814 Thomson Map of Northern India and Nepal - Geographicus - IndiaNepal-t-1814
A map of the Takla Makan Basin in Central Asia, drawn in 1921 by the the explorer Aurel Stein and included in volume 5 of his book Serindia, describing his travels in the area
1777 Cook Map of the Friendly Islands or Tonga - Geographicus - FriendlyIsles-cook-1777
1729 West Africa map (Cameroon & Nigeria)
1768 Jeffreys Wall Map of India and Ceylon - Geographicus - India-jeffreys-1768
PARK(1800) p359 Karte mit Mungo Parks Reiseroute in Westafrika vom Gambia Fluss zum Niger Fluss
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boat parts and history
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