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Ottoman Map of the Indian Ocean and the China Sea, 1728, Cartographer Ibrahim Muteferrika
Iran Plateau Relief Map
Mekong Delta Map on wall of post office in Vietnam.
This is a panoramic of the Madaba Mosaic Map in the Byzantine church of St. George in Madaba, Jordan. It contains the oldest surviving original cartographic depiction of the Holy Land including Jerusalem. circa 6th century AD. OC
1776 Rennell - Dury Wall Map of Bihar and Bengal, India - Geographicus - BaharBengal-dury-1776
Countries with a bigger economy than the Yangtze river delta of China
A piece of mosaic map from the VI century on the floor of the Orthodox Church. Madaba, Jordan.
Countries that have a giant panda leased to them by the People's Republic of China (as of 2019)
1814 Thomson Map of Northern India and Nepal - Geographicus - IndiaNepal-t-1814
Map of the Indian Ocean and the China Sea was engraved in 1728 by Ibrahim Müteferrika
A map of the Takla Makan Basin in Central Asia, drawn in 1921 by the the explorer Aurel Stein and included in volume 5 of his book Serindia, describing his travels in the area
1784 Tiefenthaler Map of the Ganges and Ghaghara Rivers, India - Geographicus - Ganges-teifentaller-1784
1768 Jeffreys Wall Map of India and Ceylon - Geographicus - India-jeffreys-1768
1780 Bonne Map of Southern India, Ceylon, and the Maldives - Geographicus - IndiaSouth-bonne-1780
1853 Mitchell Map of India - Geographicus - Hindoostan-mitchell-1850
Map India and Pakistan 1-250,000 Tile NG 44-10 Banda
Map India and Pakistan 1-250,000 Tile NG 44-16 Garwa
Plateau von Iran Platt 1848
Herat, Sheberghan, Mazari Sharif, Tora Bora
country poorer than India, Vietnam or Nigeria seeks to become a member of EU
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boat parts and history
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