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Panoramic view of the proposed Nicaragua Canal (1870)
City of Granada in 1892 by Henry O'Shea
Ecuador, New Granada, Venezuela, and Guiana (circa 1856)
Mapa de Venezuela, N. Granada y Quito, 1821
Distances saved by the interoceanic canal of Nicaragua and Costa Rica 1894
Map of the Mosquito Shore - Nicaragua (1894)
Villa nueba de San Carlos, 1805
Campaign of liberation of New Granada, 1819
Map of the United States of America, the British Provinces, Mexico, the West Indies and Central America, with part of New Granada and Venezuela (7557413788)
Provincias de la Nueva Granada 1851
O'SHEAS (1895) p305 GRANADA
Map of New Granada (Grenada), Venezuela, and Guiana; Map of Peru and Equadorv; Map of the Argentine Confederation. NYPL1510825
Mapa de la Nueva Granada (1842)
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