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Map bounded by Front St, Gouverneurs Lane, Pier - Line 1-13; Including South St, Staten Island Ferry, Hamilton Av Ferry, Atlantic St Ferry, Whitehall St, Moore St, Broad St, Coenties Slip, NYPL1648029
Bronx, Topographical Map Sheet 01; (Map bounded by Morris St., Livingstone Ave., Hamilton Ave., Broadway, Highland Ave., Park Hill Ave., Tibbet's Brook; Including Lawrence St., New York Boston NYPL1712703
Map bounded by Front Street, Burling Slip, Pier - Line 1-20, Whitehall; Including South Street, Staten Island Ferry, Hamilton Ferry, Atlantic Ferry, Moore Street, Broad Street, Coenties Slip, NYPL1648014
Page 21- (Bounded by W. 156th Street, (Hamilton Heights) Ninth Avenue, W. 136th Street and North River.) NYPL1531825
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