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1854 Colton Map of Quebec, Montreal and New Brunswick, Canada - Geographicus - LowerCanada-colton-1855
1857 Colton Map of New Brunswick and Newfoundland, Canada - Geographicus - Newfoundland-colton-1857
1857 Colton Map of Quebec and New Brunswick, Canada - Geographicus - CanadaEast-colton-1857
1857 Colton Map of Ontario, Canada - Geographicus - CanadaWest-colton-1857
1870 Johnson Map of Quebec, Canada - Geographicus - Quebec-johnson-1870
The American Museum journal (c1900-(1918)) (17537375864)
The conservation of the wild life of Canada (1921) (14755352502)
India on the march (1922) (14780555801)
1904 U.S.G.S. Map of Easthampton, Long Island, New York - Geographicus - Easthampton-uscs-1925
The provinces of New York, and New Jersey - with part of Pensilvania and the province of Quebec - drawn by Major Holland, Surveyor General of the Northern District in America; corrected and NYPL484251
Venango railroad and its connections, air line from New York to Cleveland, Toledo & Chicago (8249864397)
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