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It is currently colder in Milan, Italy than in Bergen, Norway
Norwegian Island of Lofoten merged with Blender by Levi Westerveld
Bergen Passaic 1872
Linschotens nordenkart, 1601 (12067624705)
1601 Map of Nova Zembla (Novaya Zemlya) and the Northeast Passage - Geographicus - NovaZembla-debry-1601
Sjøkart over kysten av Norge fra Trondheim til Bergen, fra 1592
Appletons' annual cyclopædia and register of important events of the year (1876) (14756619776)
Bergens by nr 31- Kart over Bergen, 1934
Søndre Bergenhus amt nr 9- Situationskart over Omegnen ved Bergen, 1800
1867 Beers Map of New York City and Vicinity ( Westchester, Long Island, Newark, Bergen ) - Geographicus - NewYorkArea-beers-1867
Omegnskart Bergen omland 5, 1934
Omegnskart Bergen omland 6, 1934
Omegnskart Bergen omland 7, 1934
Topographic map of Norway, B33 vest Bergen, 1955
Omegnskart Bergen omland 8, 1934
Bergens by nr 27- Bergen med omegn, 1907
Kristiania-Bergen over Skien-Bandakkanalen-Haukelid-Odda 206, 1902
Omegnskart Bergen omland 5, 1956
A correct chart of the North Sea, with the adjacent coasts of Britain, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, the islands of Orkney and Shetland, the entrance to the Sound and the Baltic Sea (5960817733)
Omegnskart Bergen omland 1, 1929
Omegnskart Bergen omland 2, 1929
Rektangelkart Bergen 16D, 1912 - 1
Topographic map of Norway, B33 vest Bergen, 1962
Rektangelkart Bergen 16D, 1912 - 2
Rektangelkart Bergen 16D, 1912
Topographic map of Norway, B33 vest Bergen, 1950
Fortifikationskarta över Bergen-op-zoom med omgivningar i Holland - Skoklosters slott - 98012
Rektangelkart Bergen 16D, 1936 - 1
Rektangelkart Bergen 16D, 1936 - 2
Omegnskart Bergen omland 6, 1964
1644 Map of southern Norway
Bradbenken Bergen map 1783
Kroki over Bergen og omegn 1653, samt en fotografisk reproduksjon utført av NGO 1904 - no-nb krt 01009
Omegnskart Bergen omland 3, 1931
Omegnskart Bergen omland 4, 1931
Scaveniuskartet i Blaeus Atlas Maior, 1662
Vol. 5. Plate, J. (Map bound by Bond St., Fulton St., Flatbush Ave., Fourth Ave., Butler St; Including Nevins St., Hanover Pl., Third Ave., Baltic St., Warren St., Wyckoff St., Bergen St., NYPL1627530
Rektangelkart Bergen 16D, 1873 - 1
Rektangelkart Bergen 16D, 1873 - 2
Norway, Sweden, and Denmark- with excursions to Iceland and Spitzbergen; handbook for travellers (1909) (14592706248)
Topographic map of Norway, B33 vest Bergen, 1938
Smålenenes amt nr 5- Situations Carte von Fridrich.Stein, 1700
Omegnskart Bergen omland 1, 1946
Omegnskart Bergen omland 2, 1946
Omegnskart Bergen omland 3, 1946
Omegnskart Bergen omland 2, 1954
Smålenenes amt nr 11- Situations Carte von Fridrich.Stein, 1710
Smålenenes amt nr 14- Der Festung Friederichs Stein, 1715
Omegnskart Bergen omland 6, 1947
Russia in Europe, Sweden, and Norway; Map of Denmark; Map of Holland and Belgium. NYPL1510828
Double Page Plate No. 3- (Bounded by Smith St., Bergen St., Hoyt St., Fulton St., Flatbush Ave., Fourth Ave., First St., (Gowanus Canal) Bond St., Fourth St. Hoyt St. and Fifth St.) NYPL1517528
Omegnskart Bergen omland 1, 1927
Brooklyn, Vol. 1, Double Page Plate No. 3; Part of Wards 3 and 10, Section 1 and 2; (Map bounded by 4th Ave., 1st St., Lateral Canal, Cowanus Canal, 5th St; Including Smith St., Bergen St., Hoyt St., NYPL1703621
Brooklyn, Vol. 3, Double Page Plate No. 27; Part of Ward 32, Section 25; (Map bounded by Paerdegat Basin, Jamaica Bay, Avenue Z; Including E. 68th St., Avenue N, Bergen 12th St.) NYPL1703796
Brooklyn, Vol. 3, Double Page Plate No. 28; Part of Ward 32, Section 25; (Map bounded by Avenue L, Bergen Ave., Bergen 6th St., Bergen 12th St., Avenue N, E. 68th St; Including Avenue U, E. 58th St., NYPL1703797
Brooklyn, Vol. 3, Double Page Plate No. 29; Part of Ward 32, Sections 24 and 25; (Map bounded by E. 80th St., Paerdegat 6th St., Paerdegat Basin, Bergen 6th St., Avenue L; Including Ralph Ave., NYPL1703798
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