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Dutch map from 1690 of what the earth might look like without water.
Map of the United Kingdom of The Netherlands
Southern Africa military map from 1900, showing British, Dutch and Portuguese territories ; as well as the Boer Republics - the South African Republic and the Orange Free State
1685 reprint of a 1656 map of the Dutch North American colonies showing extent of Dutch claims
Dutch map from 'De Surinamerivier'1877 (River of Suriname)
Eleveation map Netherlands
The 17 Netherlands, depicted as Leo Belgicus (the Belgian Lion or Dutch Lion) - early 17th century
Map of the town of Dokkum, the Netherlands 1698
Beautifull 1593 map of Flushing (Vlissingen) in the Netherlands
The first map whose borders featured female figures as symbols of major geographic regions (Amsterdam, 1594)
A classic Dutch map covering all of South-east Asia, 1649
The map of Holland, but for once, it's actually a map of just Holland.
Map of Holland from 1682
Celestial map from the 17th century, by the Dutch cartographer Frederik de Wit
Dutch map of the Scandinavian Peninsula (17th century)
Haarlem, Netherlands. 1616
Sinister anti-Japanese propaganda, Dutch East Indies
A Map of Amsterdam in the 17th century
Christmas Flood of 1717 Map. This was a northwesterly storm, which hit the coast area of the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia on Christmas night. 14,000 people drowned
New York, or Nieuw Amsterdam, the City of the Dutch West India Co. in Nieuw Nederlandt, as Dirck Storm first knew it in 1662
Map of Batavia, Dutch East Indies 1679 by Van Meurs
A new chart of New Holland (Australia) on which are delineated New South Wales and a plan for Botany Bay (1770)
The border between Belgium and the Netherlands at Baarle-Nassau
Percentage of Whites (Foreign Borne and Native Whites) with Foreign or Mixed Parentage Combined, in the Total (United States) Population, 1920
Border between France and the Netherlands
Second most common country of birth by municipality in the Netherlands in 2013
A Map of the British Empire in America with the French, Spanish and the Dutch Settlements adjacent - 1733
Bought a copy of an old dutch world map, can anyone help me find out stuff about it? (age, purpose, etc.)
Monday's territorial exchange between the Netherlands and Belgium
Map of Zeeland, the Netherlands, in 1580 (high-res version in comments)
Spot the differences: Dordrecht 1545 and modern day
New Map of Germany, Holland and Switzerland by L.E. Langen 1787
1661 map of Dutch Guiana - by William Blaeuw
Europe According to the Dutch: a continent in stereotypes
1595 map of the Indian Ocean showing the First Dutch Expedition routes around the Cape of Good Hope to Sumatra and Java, Indonesia
1639 Nautical Chart of the Dutch settlement of Zwaanendael ("Swanendael") and Godyn's Bay (now Delaware Bay) in New Netherland
The East Indian Islands (map from the Mercator-Hondius Atlas, Amsterdam, 1606, colored copperplate engraving)
1660 Noua et accurata totius Americae tabula. Published by Dutch cartographer, Frederick de Wit
Similar map of Amsterdam 1567
1685 hemisphere map of the World by Dutch publisher Joachim Bormeester.
Waterways of the Netherlands
'Frankland Map' - 1839 Map of Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania)
Updated public transport map of Amsterdam, now the North South metro line (blue one) is finished
The area around the tripoint of Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (plus Neutral Moresnet) c. 1900
Laurie and Whittle's 1797 chart of the Indian and Pacific Oceans between the Burma, New Holland and Japan
Map of the siege of Breda in 1637 by Frederick Henry (1649)
The United Kingdom of the Netherlands 1815-1830
New Amsterdam in 1639
Buildings in Amsterdam, shaded according to year of construction.
The Netherlands in 1300 vs The Netherlands today
Paper cut leaf map of Amsterdam (by u/nilsrva)
Etymological Map of the Netherlands
Ye Olde Netherlands: if language change did not exist and the first recorded written instance of every town name was still in use
A map of how Dutch people see each other
Birth places of Dutch sailors from 1630-1800
New Amsterdam (New York City) c. 1660
Map of India Orientalis Nova from 1686.Early map of the southeast Asia extending from India to Australia, with the Dutch discoveries made on the western side of Cape York Peninsula.
Map with the age of the buildings of Amsterdam
Dutch municipalities: 1840 vs 2009
The Netherlands vs The Netherlands without dikes
I made this paper cut map of my hometown of Groningen, the Netherlands to decorate my coffee table
Europe according to the Dutch
New Netherland settlements and areas of influence
The first sketches of Mars, drawn by the Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens in 1659, compared with modern photos of the planet highlighting the same features
‘God created the world, but the Dutch created The Netherlands’ (Land reclamation in The Netherlands)
Map showing the netherness of the Netherlands by showing relief and depth. The terrain height varies from approximately −7 meter (−23 ft; below sea level, dark green) to approximately 322.7 meter (1,059 ft; above sea level, light green)
Waterways of North-Holland
All Bicycle paths in The Netherlands (april 2018)
Population Map - Germany | Poland | Netherlands | Belgium | Czechia | Slovakia | Luxembourg
Lower Delaware River and Delaware Bay, New Netherlands colony.
It is currently colder in Milan, Italy than in Bergen, Norway
Concentration of Belgians in the Netherlands and Dutchmen in Belgium per municipality
Percentage of people who are vaccinated (left) vs percentage of people who identify as protestant (right) in Dutch municipalities
Almost nobody lives here in The Netherlands
A map of the windmills in the Netherlands.
Embassies and consulates of the Netherlands
Europe according to dutch cartographer Willem Blaeu. Look at the size of Greece, and the charming romping lions in 'Barbaria'. ca. 1600
'600 map of Emilia Romagna found in Spoleto, Umbria, Italy. Probably a Dutch map
A new chart of New Holland on which are delineated New South Wale, and a plan for Botany Bay, 1767
World map, 1689. Published in Amsterdam, Dutch Republic, by cartographer Gerard van Schagen (also known as Gerard Lucasz).
European Languages according to the Dutch
Good job Dutch television, good job
Hapsburg Monarchy (Later Austrian Empire) Territorial Changes 1648-1795 (Excluding Italian Possessions and the Austrian Netherlands)
1713-1721 Treaties of Treaties of Utrecht, Rastatt, Baden, Stockholm, Frederiksborg, Nystad and Passarowitz
Year 1660, New Amsterdam
Main Languages and Dialects of the Netherlands
The Dutch Empire at it's peak (The Dutch Golden Age)
A map of the roads Dutch people use for their holidays. Every blue dot is one person using a traffic app
Haarlem - Tirion - 1739 #MyWallsWednesday
With the Netherlands absent at the World Cup, will the Dutch support Belgium or Germany?
A chart of New South Wales, Van Diemen's Land. Surveys in the interior of New South Wales. (with) Van Diemen's Land, from the most recent authorities and surveys. (with) Part of Australasia. (with) British settlements at Port Jackson, &c from 1823.
Orbis Terrarum, published by the Dutch astronomer, cartographer and clergyman Petrus Plancius in 1594.
Harbour of Rotterdam shipping routes and anchor areas as seen by the Sentinel-1 satellite
Dutch parliamentary elections: % shift to the left or right per municipality
Every football team in the Netherlands
"New Holland and New Guinea" 1798.
New Holland and New Zealand (1842). Plate 26 from: A new universal atlas, comprising separate maps of all the principal empires, kingdoms & states throughout the world. Brattleboro, Vt. : G.R. French, 1842
1631 map of England, Scotland and Ireland by Dutch catrographer Willem Janszoon Blaeu. Full title: Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae Tabula.
The Netherlands drawn up by roads
Where are the woods in The Netherlands?
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