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Mexico in 1821 (at the conclusion of the War of Independence)
1856 Reynold's Political Map of the United States - designed to exhibit the comparative area of the free and slave states and the territory open to slavery or freedom by the repeal of the Missouri Compromise
India during the First War of Independence/ Sepoy Rebellion 1857
A tribute to the Greek people, Greek War of Independence (1821–1829)
New Rail Road & township map of Missouri and Kansas (1869)
Countries that have gained independence or has been unoccupied after 1900 1279x626
Map of the Empire of Brazil immediately after independence. Cisplatina would become Uruguai in 1828 and that straight line in the north would result in border disputes with Bolivia that resulted in the annexation of Acre.
Europe, July 1866, during 3rd Italian war of Independence and Austro-Prussian war
County Map of the States of Iowa and Missouri, 1872
German Map of Missouri (1854)
Lewis and Clark Middle Missouri BigSioux James
the Kingdom of Greece in 1831, after its independence
Kansas city mo 1869
Plans for building bridge over the Missouri River (1867)
Map of Missouri, 1867
A journey from Missouri to Santa Fe, Chihuahua, Monterey and Matamoros (1846-1847)
Map Showing the Different Routes Surveyed for the Union Pacific Rail Road Between the Missouri River and the Platte Valley
1837 Western Railroad map, Springfield to State Line
Johnson's Missouri and Kansas 1864
Miller County Arkansas, 1835, from State of Missouri and Territory of Arkansas
1854 Colton Pocket Map of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and Kentucky - Geographicus - WesternStates-colton-1854
A new map of the western rivers, or, Travellers guide exhibiting the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Illinois rivers with all the principal towns, islands & distances (8346468069)
On the geology and natural history of the upper Missouri BHL30456122
1900 National Publishing Railroad Map of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island - Geographicus - MACTRI-nationalpublishing-1900
Springfield, Vt. (2675991404)
Map of Springfield, Massachusetts (2674584595)
1860 Mitchell Map of Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska and Kansas - Geographicus - ILMIIANEKA-mitchell-1860
Map of military road from Fort Walla Walla on the Columbia to Fort Benton on the Missouri (3856251000)
1827 Finley Map of Missouri - Geographicus - Missouri-finley-1827
Bronx, Topographical Map Sheet 03; (Map bounded by Bates St., Riverdale Ave., Moshold Ave., Broadway, Vancortlandt Ave., Bailey Ave., Ft. Independence St; Including Albany Road, Church Kingsbridge NYPL1712705
1837 Western Railroad map, Worcester to Springfield
1873 Asher Adams Map of the Midwest ( Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky ) - Geographicus - INILOHMOKTTN-aa-1873
Map of Jefferson City, Mo., and Vicinity, showing the line of defenses. Wm. Hoelcke, Captn. & Addl. A. de. C.... - NARA - 305777
1874 Mitchell Map of Iowa and Missouri - Geographicus - IOMS-m-1874
1855 Colton Map of Missouri - Geographicus - Missouri-colton-1855
PSM V25 D612 Upper missouri river system
County map of the States of Iowa and Missouri. NYPL1510817
1866 Johnson's Map of Missouri and Kansas - Geographicus - MIKA-j-64
Plan of Springfield (7537850880)
1865 U.S.C.S. Map of the Mississippi River From Cairo, Illinois to St. Marys, Missouri - Geographicus - CairoStMarys2-USCS-1865
The traveller's guide - a new and correct map of the United States, including great portions of Missouri Territory, Upper and Lower Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, the Floridas, Spanish NYPL434850
1864 Mitchell Map of Iowa and Missouri - Geographicus - IAMO-mitchell-1864
1855 Colton Plan or Map of Chicago, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri - Geographicus - StLouisChicago-colton-1855
State of Missouri And Territory Of Arkansas.
Springfield Business Directory.; Town of Springfield, Otsego Co. N.Y. (Township) NYPL1602743
The street railway review (1891) (14571877759)
Springfield Store. Tn. of Jamaica, Queens Co. - Willow Tree Station. Town of Jamaica, Queens Co. - Inglewood or Queens. Town of Hempstead, Queens Co. NYPL1527300
Map of the city of Springfield Massachusetts (2674583005)
Map of a tour from Independence to Santa Fé, Chihuahua, Monterey and Matamoros (8346468487)
1898 Walker Trolley Map and View of New England centered on Boston - Geographicus - NewEngland-walker-1908
Third Italian War of Independence and Austro-Prussian War 1866
Map of the Battle of San Jacinto, in which Texian and Tejano soldiers won independence for Texas. (1836)
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