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The most efficient route between every Springfield in the United States
Pro-independence movements in Europe
Happy Independence Day! (Map of the United States, 1776)
Countries who gained independence from Britain
Independence Day : what Europe would look if separatist movement got their wish
The Town of Springfield, from the Simpsons
Countries that gained independence from the UK and the years
St. Louis, Missouri subway proposal, 1926 (oc)
Map of Springfield from the Simpsons
Missouri...Southern or Midwestern?
Countries that have gained independence since 1910
Every Nation that Got it's Independence From Britain (And date)
New Caledonia independence referendum results : the majority choose to remain part of France, rather than backing independence
Potential map of EU if Brexit leads to Scottish independence and Irish reunification
Mimal the chef. Minnesota represents Mimal's hat, Iowa is his face, Missouri his shirt. His pants are represented by Arkansas, his boots by Louisiana. Tennessee and Kentucky are sometimes included as Mimal's frying pan and the chicken being cooked in the pan, thus making Mimal a cook.
States with towns called "Springfield" versus states with towns called "Riverside"
Municipalities in Catalonia that officially support independence
Countries that celebrate independence from Poland
(OC) La Louisiane - Celebrating a Century of Independence
The Town of Springfield from the Simpsons
Mexico in 1821 (at the conclusion of the War of Independence)
Map that explains one of the reasons why Catalonia wants independence
Turkish war of Independence map
22 years ago today, Quebec narrowly voted to remain part of Canada in a referendum on independence. This map that shows the majority vote by each provincial constituency. The winning "No" vote was concentrated in cities, while the "Yes" vote was more geographically spread out. (OC)
Your country got its independence from...
A Toponymic Fantasy-Style Map Of Missouri
Results of the 1918 general elections in Ireland, just before the war of independence.
100 years ago today, the pro-independence Sinn Féin party won a landslide victory in the general election in Ireland, paving the way for partition of the island and an independent Irish state.
Virginian territorial losses since American Independence
Countries that gained their independence from the UK and the years
The Dividing of California : the founders of New California have just declared "independence" from rest of state
This is what Poland actually looked like upon regaining its independence 100 years ago today.
African Countries' Independence by Decade
Map of the Number of Official Flag Changes Since Independence
Every independence referendum
Judicial independence according to World Economic Forum
Population density map of Missouri .
Since we've got the most efficient route between every Springfield, here's the most efficient way to visit every Shelbyville in the US.
1856 Reynold's Political Map of the United States - designed to exhibit the comparative area of the free and slave states and the territory open to slavery or freedom by the repeal of the Missouri Compromise
Population Density of Catalonia with Independence Vote 2015
Birthplaces of Missouri's Governors
Foreign Generals in the American War of Independence
"Should Scotland be an independent country?" (2014 Independence Referendum Result)
Municipalities that support the independence of Catalonia
Map of Independence Movements in the Far East by Jacob Pius
Kosovo's Independence in the World
Yesterday's General Elections Results in Spain. Can you identify the two regions with pro-independence movements?
The Leo Belgicus has been used to represent the Low Countries in maps and heraldry, especially around the Dutch War of Independence
The years that African nations gained their independence
Movements for Independence or Autonomy in China, according to Wikipedia
Every town and city in the USA named "Springfield"
Fastest Growing Counties 2000-2010, Missouri USA
Illustrated Map of Kansas City
A Hoosier's Map of US Regions (Dakotas aren't the Midwest!), Missouri = ???
Dates African Nations Won Their Independence
India during the First War of Independence/ Sepoy Rebellion 1857
Fan Made Panorama Map of the Simpson's Springfield
Poland regaining its independence in October–December 1918
Un General Assembly on Western Sahara's Independence 1979
CARPATHO-UKRAINE was an autonomous region within the Second Czechoslovak Republic that declared itself independent on March 15th, 1939 only to be annexed by the Kingdom of Hungary over the next few days. Its brief independence movement was headed by self-appointed president Avgustyn Voloshyn
Map of where Missouri French (“Paw Paw French”) was once spoken.
Political and Administrative units of the Republic of Venice one year before the loss of its millenary independence.
A tribute to the Greek people, Greek War of Independence (1821–1829)
If East Turkestan or Uyghurstan achieve the impossible by getting Independence from China
Today on this day (1st November,1956), the first linguisitic division of states in India post-independence was carried out resulting in the formation of three states down South- Karnataka (then Mysore), Andhra Pradesh and Kerala
Lithograph of Missouri Quarries dated 1904. The branding stamp is interesting...
Year of independence of countries in America
Map of Europe if all active secessionist movements achieved their goal of independence. Source: Atlas of stateless nations in Europe: Minority peoples in search or recognition
New Rail Road & township map of Missouri and Kansas (1869)
Independence movements in South Africa
Countries that have gained independence or has been unoccupied after 1900 1279x626
The racial divide of Kansas City
All battles fought in and around the Low Countries during the Dutch War of Independence, including modern borders
Map of the Empire of Brazil immediately after independence. Cisplatina would become Uruguai in 1828 and that straight line in the north would result in border disputes with Bolivia that resulted in the annexation of Acre.
“College mail received as a high schooler in Missouri, by state”
2016 Presidential Election in Missouri by Voting Precinct
Europe, July 1866, during 3rd Italian war of Independence and Austro-Prussian war
County Map of the States of Iowa and Missouri, 1872
Country Club District, Kansas City
1962 Nuclear Evacuation Map of St Louis and St Louis County, Missouri
Movements for Independence or Autonomy in Russia, according to Wikipedia
map of the french-spanish siege (1779 - 1783) of british Gibraltar during the American War of Independence
Vote share in the 2017 UK election in favour of parties wanting independence from the United Kingdom.
Borders of Turkey according to the Treaty of Sèvres (1920) which was annulled and replaced by the Treaty of Lausanne (1923) in the aftermath of the Turkish War of Independence led by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
Lewis and Clark Middle Missouri BigSioux James
Kansas City, Missouri 1955 Yellow Book
Missouri's 2nd congressional district
H1N1 Missouri map by county
Baloch Separatist, Kalat (Princely State) called for Independence in 1947, it later became part of Pakistan. Separatists movement resurged.
Turkish war of independence
Cental/Mountain Time Zone Boundary in South Dakota. For some reason, the boundary juts SW from the Missouri River and doesn't follow any major road, physical boundary, or county line until Jones County.
It’s 1948, and Israel with it’s 600,000 people declares it’s independence. THIS is what happened the next day:
the Kingdom of Greece in 1831, after its independence
Missouri Republican Presidential Primary Election Results by County, 2016
Kansas city mo 1869
H1N1 Missouri map by county-2009-19-05
1960: Map of Pakistan, with East Pakistan and Junagardh (Before Bangladesh). Why did Bangladesh gain independence?
Page from book: Atlas of Kansas City, Missouri and environs (1925)
OC Map of the Union of Utrecht (Alliance during the Dutch Revolt that signed the Dutch Declaration of Independence)
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