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The most efficient route between every Springfield in the United States
1938 pictorial map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Cartoon Map "The Gerry-Mander", appearing in the Boston Gazette, 26 March 1812
Boston MA Really is One Giant College Town (Land owned by Colleges and Universities across Boston and surrounding)
The Mapparium, built in 1935 in Boston, MA
Entirely wooden map of Boston harbor and surrounding area
The Town of Springfield, from the Simpsons
Nighttime in Boston, Massachusetts as photographed by the crew of the International Space Station (Credit: NASA, link in the comments)
1898 Walker Trolley Map and View of New England centered on Boston
1931 Map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts
University campuses in Greater Boston
Annotated aerial photo of Boston, Massachusetts and environs, 1930.
"District of Maine : belonging to Massachusetts. (to accompany) Harriet E. Baker's Book of Penmanship & Map. At Mr. Dunham's School Windsor Vermont March 31, 1819." -- A children's map of Maine when still part of Massachusetts.
Springfield (The Simpsons)
Boston rapid transit, 1967
The Boston Planning and Development Agency maintains a 1:40 scale model of the city
If New York City was Boston, subway style
Sequence of landfill projects in Boston.
Detailed map showing where Abraham Lincoln went when he visited Massachusetts from Sep 11 - 23, 1848
I made a lasercut 3D topographical map of greater Boston!
"A Map of Cape Cod", by Coulton Waugh
1776 map of Boston and surrounding areas during the Siege of Boston
Map of Springfield from the Simpsons
Boston Old and New
Population Density of the Boston–Washington Corridor, the most heavily urbanized area of the United States
Map of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan - from Cambridge Modern History Atlas, 1912
States with towns called "Springfield" versus states with towns called "Riverside"
Boston and surroundings in 1774 (Nathaniel Philbrick, “Bunker Hill”, p.63)
The Boston Mapparium, built 1935
Boston 1630 shoreline and landmass overlaid with modern roads and subway stations
USA megalopolis: Boston to Washington
The Town of Springfield from the Simpsons
1932 Map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts - by Walter M. Gaffney
Boston 1930 vs 1995 - Quick, which technology is better? In 1930, Boston hired the Curtis Wright Flying Service to survey the entire city. Compare the results to the best USGS technology of 1995.
Massachusetts Bay Colony Disputes (1630-1691 and 1691-1775)
Boston’s original shoreline in 1630. So much landfill...
Boston, Mass in 1867
1902 Map of Lifesaving Stations and principal recent shipwrecks, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
1952 Boston Aerial - From the National Archives
1979 Soviet map of Boston, MA vs current GIS data
Map of Cambridge, MA, inching towards 1:1 scale
A Plan of the Town of Boston and its Environs, 1776
4 years' worth of walks in Boston, mapped
Number of counties that have the same name as counties in Massachusetts
The Town of Boston, year 1775
Since we've got the most efficient route between every Springfield, here's the most efficient way to visit every Shelbyville in the US.
South Boston Waterfront: 80 years in 8 high-res precisely-aligned aerials: 1938, 1955, 1969, 1978, 1995, 2003, 2011, Google. From a railroad terminal in the 30's to a Navy base in the 50's to the beginning of the Big Dig in 90's. And then on to Boston's fastest growing cityscape.
Urban Heat Islands of Massachusetts
Colleges and Universities in the Greater Boston Area
Boston's foreign-born population in each neighborhood
The ghost of Boston's Governor's Island and Fort Winthrop are clearly visible in this overlay of a 1938 eerial photo of Logan Airport, combined with the current Google aerial. Runway 4R goes right through the western edge of the island. OC (See interactive mapping links in the comments)
If Cape Cod built a subway system based on Starbucks locations
Ethnicities in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts (2010)
Public Libraries of Massachusetts (1915)
Population per town map of Massachusetts
Lighthouses of Cape Cod
Historic Names of Massachusetts Towns
Largest ancestry in Massachusetts by Census tract
Every town and city in the USA named "Springfield"
1852 Middlesex Canal (Massachusetts) map
This wood map of Boston (xpost r/pics)
Boston's subways overlaid on the city's population density and racial demographics
1630 Map of Boston Compared to Current Shoreline and Subway Locations
Tile map of Boston, MA, USA
Map of "canals" on Mars from the book "Mars" by Percival Lowell, 1895
Massachusetts congressional districts large
Boston with Charlestown and Roxbury - 1842
Boston Summer Farmer's Markets Accessibility Map by Ralph Straumann
1917 Boston Bromley Atlas serves as a base for current Google Earth buildings. You can see exactly which 1917 buildings are no longer there today. (see the comments on how to view this yourself) OC
You can sail from the Kerguelen Islands to Boston in a straight line
Fan Made Panorama Map of the Simpson's Springfield
Commuter Rail in the Greater Boston Area
S. A. Mitchell Jr. 1879 map of Boston,
Round trip between Norton, Easton, Weston, Middleton, and Sutton, Massachusetts (explanation below)
Massachusetts Election Results by County, all Democratic
1952 MIT and Boston Aerial Scan of 9"x9" National Archives Negative
581 different 26.2-mile routes to the Boston Marathon finish line from all directions—plus the one official course - by Andy Woodruff and Tim Wallace
NYC Subway Map Re-Imagined as Boston
5 Ways to divide Massachusetts
Map of Boston's sewers, 1905
Boston's South Boston Waterfront in 1938 was dominated by railroads and shipping. Current aerial from Mapbox shows new office towers and part of the Big Dig roadway that completed I-90 to Logan Airport (interactive link in comments) OC
I painted another watercolor map. Charles River, Auburndale, Boston, MA.
The Town of Boston, year 1775
Guillaume Tell Poussin - Cape Cod Canal (1834)
A map of downtown Boston created by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Circa 1979
According to colonial treaties, Maine, west NY, most of Michigan and Wisconsin were territory of Massachusetts and a stretch of land from Ohio to Chicago was property of Connecticut
A Picture Chart of Cape Cod, 1955
Results of the 2017 Massachusetts Senate special election by town
"Population Islands of Boston" by Andy Woodruff, imaging land as water as defined by population. Population density is the terrain, water is for unpopulated areas.
Map in Boston Library Map Win - Europe By Fred W. Rose (1899)
Boston's subway expansion plan, 1945
A plan of the town of Boston, 1775
Massachusetts senate primary results
Indian Rebellion of 1857
Map of Massachusetts NA
Illustrating what Boston's Inner Belt (I-695) would have done to Central Square as it crossed Massachusetts Ave and eliminated Brookline Street on its way to the Charles River
The Harbor of Boston, Massachusetts 1775 showing "Rebel Works"
Boston Area Census 2010
A typical day for a service guy in Boston.
Rivers and Streams in Massachusetts
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