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Same sex marriage support in the United States
Public opinion of gay marriage by USA state by percent of population
Public opinion on same-sex marriage in the United States
First-Cousin marriage laws in the United States
How was same-sex marriage legalized?
Multiracial marriages in the US (2010)
Public opinion of same-sex marriage in the United States, by state/district/territory
The end of laws banning interracial marriage in the US
Timeline of gay marriage in the United States
Child marriage in the US
Support for Same-Sex Marriage in the US 2017
Gay Marriage in America by Zipcode; by New York Times
About 50% of US states do not have a minimum age for marriage.
Minimum Age of marriage in the United States
Adult Americans with a bachelor's degree or higher, 2013-2017 (see more maps @
Public opinion of same-sex marriage in the USA by state
First cousin marriage laws in the US (Alabama isn’t the only state where it’s legal)
Bachelor's degree or higher, percent of persons above age 25 (Source: United States census bureau)
Legality of first-cousin marriages in the United States
Gay marriage vote November 6, 2012
Legality of marriage to distant relatives in the United States
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