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Legality of same-sex marriage in Canada before 20 July 2005, when it was legalized nationwide (Blue: legal; Red: banned)
Freedom of Marriage 2016
Legality of first-cousin marriages in the United States
Legality of Homosexuality and Same-sex marriages
A map of "The road of love, and harbour of marriage." London 1748. A satirical depiction oof marriage as a safe harbour only reached by braving to sail through challenging conditions such as "Rocks of Jealousy" and "Lust island"
Canada-same sex 2005
Map of Canada, same-sex marriage, pre July 2005
Gay marriage vote November 6, 2012
Support for same sex marriage across Australia
Public Support for Same Sex Marriage in Europe
Italy - handbook for travellers (1906) (14594189569)
Minimum age of marriage for girls
Civil and religious marriage by country
Percent of the population against same-sex Marriage in Mexico
Legality of marriage to distant relatives in the United States
Legality and Prevalence of Marriage for Underage Girls
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