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Social Acceptance and Legal Status of Same Sex Marriage Throughout Europe
First Cousin Marriages in Italy, by percentage, 1930-1964
Proportion of births outside marriage in Europe
The Legality of first-cousin marriage in the World.
Age at First Marriage for Male Population, last 15 years data
Support for same-sex marriage in Europe
Newly Updated Marriage Equality Map 24-05-2017
Age of first marriage for men around the world
Italian Cousin Marriage (1930-1964)
Pride map #2: Legality of same-sex marriage
Same sex marriage support in the United States
Percentage of children in Europe born outside of marriage
Age at marriage in Austria-Hungary, 1910
Legal marriage age for girls in the world
U.S. States, by the date of repeal of laws banning Interracial Marriage
Map of countries in which same sex marriage is legal nationwide.
Same-sex marriage in the Americas
Public opinion of gay marriage by USA state by percent of population
"Same sex marriage should be legal" - agree or disagree
Public opinion on same-sex marriage in the United States
Public support for same-sex marriage in Europe - Pew survey
First-Cousin marriage laws in the United States
Support for same-sex marriage in Europe
Percentage of European live births outside of marriage
Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace region in Istanbul. My Bachelor’s Thesis while still in process in 2016. Vector and raster datas were united via coordinates on City Engine (WGS84) and unique building models taken from SketchUp were fitted from the points of interest.
Percentage who are *against* same-sex marriage
How was same-sex marriage legalized?
Animated Map of Gay Marriage Recognition over Time
Multiracial marriages in the US (2010)
Youngest age of marriage by state.
Support for the Legality of Gay Marriage by State, 2017
Public opinion of same-sex marriage in the United States, by state/district/territory
Public Support in Europe for Same-Sex Marriage
Young adults who oppose gay marriage in Europe.
Support for the Legality of Gay Marriage by State, 2016
Support for same-sex marriage in Europe
"Marriage is outdated" - Percentage of Europeans who agree
Same-sex Marriage in Europe
Australian Same-sex Marriage Survey Results - 15th November 2017 -
The end of laws banning interracial marriage in the US
World Same Sex Marriage Laws as of 18 June 2018.
Same-sex marriage in Alabama, counties refusing to issue any marriage licenses in grey
Same-sex marriage as a percentage of all marriages in each three-digit zip code area
Global Prevalence of Consanguineous marriages
Timeline of gay marriage in the United States
Type of government (single party, coalition etc.) at time of legalisation of same-sex marriage in Europe
Map of consanguineous marriage compared to map of Muslim Population
Child marriage in the US
Support for Same-Sex Marriage in the US 2017
Marriage Equality - Who made it happen?
Number of divorces per 1000 marriages in Russia
Re: Australia's forthcoming plebiscite, countries in which same-sex marriage is legal
Percentage of people who are in favour of same-sex marriage in Eastern Europe
Legalization of Same-Sex-Marriage - How did it happen?
Child marriage in the U.S
About 50% of US states do not have a minimum age for marriage.
Female child and teen marriage rates across Asia. -UNICEF report on child marriages
Minimum Age of marriage in the United States
History of repeal of the ban on interracial marriage
consanguineous marriage around the world
Adult Americans with a bachelor's degree or higher, 2013-2017 (see more maps @ www.milosp.info)
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to abolish the prohibition of interracial marriages.
Public opinion of same-sex marriage in the USA by state
Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, 2017
Percentage of children co-residing with their parents after marriage by sex in Indonesia
The city of Toledo by the Spanish painter El Greco: the modern marriage of map and landscape ( 1610-1614)
State Laws on Marriage to Cousins
Top 5 Virginia localities with most same-sex marriages in the first year after legalization
State-level changes in the number of young adults (age 22-24) with bachelor’s degrees
Marriage rates in Europe (Source: Eurostat)
Freedom of Marriage 2016
Legality of first-cousin marriages in the United States
Legality of Homosexuality and Same-sex marriages
Canada-same sex 2005
Map of Canada, same-sex marriage, pre July 2005
Gay marriage vote November 6, 2012
Support for same sex marriage across Australia
Italy - handbook for travellers (1906) (14594189569)
Minimum age of marriage for girls
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