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Map of Virginia, discovered and as described by Captain John Smith, 1606
The Selden Map of China - made sometime after 1606 and before 1624, it was acquired by the legal scholar and maritime theorist John Selden. It shows a system of navigational routes emanating from a point off Fujian Province near the cities of Quanzhou and Zhangzhou
Expanded 17th century Ottoman world map based on one originally composed in 1525 and dedicated to Sultan S├╝leyman I ("The Magnificent") by Piri Reis
1639 Nautical Chart of the Dutch settlement of Zwaanendael ("Swanendael") and Godyn's Bay (now Delaware Bay) in New Netherland
"Australia's birth certificate" : Joan Blaeu's Archipelagi Orientalis Sive Asiaticus (1663), the earliest known map of Australia and New Zealand. Follows Tasman's voyages of 1642-43 and 1644, on which Australia's mapping of was based until James Cook mapped the eastern coast
Historic map of Tunis by Piri Reis (late 17th century-early 18th century AD)
Piri Reis' World Map Revised and Expanded Version 17th century
1756 Bellin Map of Kollam Fort, Kerala, India - Geographicus - Coylan-bellin-1756
1772 Vaugondy and Diderot Map of the Pacific Northwest and the Northwest Passage
1601 Map of Nova Zembla (Novaya Zemlya) and the Northeast Passage - Geographicus - NovaZembla-debry-1601
The street railway review (1891) (14574902599)
A new and correct sea chart of the whole world showing the variations of the compass as they were found in the year 1700
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