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1853 Japanese World Map
James Cook's map of New Zealand - One of the most important maps in New Zealand's history and the first complete map of the two island's coastlines. Made during Cook's first voyage it shows the track of the Endeavour with dates
Map of Virginia, discovered and as described by Captain John Smith, 1606
Cairo, Egypt in the 16th century - by Ottoman cartographer Piri Reis
The Selden Map of China - made sometime after 1606 and before 1624, it was acquired by the legal scholar and maritime theorist John Selden. It shows a system of navigational routes emanating from a point off Fujian Province near the cities of Quanzhou and Zhangzhou
1776 circular map of the Southern Hemisphere according to the latest discoveries with the tracks of the Captain James Cook
1860 map of Australia. Includes illustrations: Escaped convicts in the bush, native, arrival of an emigrant ship, hunting the kangaroo
Pierre Mortier's 1703 Nautical Map of the World
The Naval Training Center in San Diego, California is shown is far more detail on a 1980 Soviet Map than on a 1979 USGS Map of the same area. In both maps, the Training Center is lower left
1525 Map of Alanya by Piri Reis
Expanded 17th century Ottoman world map based on one originally composed in 1525 and dedicated to Sultan Süleyman I ("The Magnificent") by Piri Reis
Map Reveals Ships Buried Below San Francisco
1639 Nautical Chart of the Dutch settlement of Zwaanendael ("Swanendael") and Godyn's Bay (now Delaware Bay) in New Netherland
1772 map of North America and Greenland, with adjacent parts of Europe and Asia. This map was drawn by Vaugondy to illustrate the mythical voyage of Captain Cluny
A detailed map of the pacific ocean floor (1969)
1525 Piri Reis Map of the Island of Rhodes, Greece
The outlines of continents can be visualized by shipping routes
Isle of Mayo, Captain's Log 1726
James Cook's 1777 chart of the Southern Hemisphere
James Cook's Map of the East Coast of "New South Wales", 1770
Properties within 40 nautical miles of Northern Ireland priced at over £1,000,000 according to Zoopla
World in 1567, by Ottoman sailor Ali Macar Reis (Ottoman Archives, Turkey)
Major Shipping Routes across the World
1812 - A new map of the world, with Captain Cook's tracks, his discoveries and those of the other circumnavigators
World map showing route of Captain Cook's voyages, 1773-1775. Published in 1849
Maersk launches first container ship through Arctic route in alarming sign of global warming
The first circumnavigation of the world led by Ferdinand Magellan, it took 3 years to complete and only 1 of the original 5 ships made it home.
Fishing boat traffic around the UK
A Ship Graveyard underneath San Francisco
1866 U.S. Coast Survey Nautical Chart of Map of New York City and Harbor
"Ships sunk by our U-boats..." Berlin und Glogau Carl Flemming AG, ca. 1918
Archipelagus Orientalis, made more than 100 years before Captain Cook's voyages
1959 Time Magazine Map of the Battle of Leyte Gulf - described as the greatest battle in the history of naval warfare
A map drawn by ships logged routes in 1945.
The never built Georgian Bay Ship Canal, Ontario, Canada (1907)
Robur tea war map, Turkish Empire ; Robur war map, Gallipoli and the Dardanelles : bird's eye view (1915). Shows British and Allied landings on 25 April 1915 and later; the range of 12 and 15 inch naval guns depicted
Forest cover map of the Maritime provinces
A print of Piri Reis's 1525 Ottoman map of Malta
Major US military bases in Japan
Greatest Extent of Japanese Naval Dominance: August 1942
Countries sharing a maritime or land border with France
A world map from "Kitab-ı Bahriye", written by Piri Reis in the 16th century as a gift to #Ottoman Sultan Süleyman
James Cook's beautiful chart of Newfoundland; 1775
The "Inexplicable Map" of Piri Reis, 1513. The map shows the western coasts of North Africa, the coast of Brazil and (very oddly) an ice-free Antarctica, long before Antartica was officially discovered.
Nautical chart of Portuguese cartographer Lázaro Luís, 1563
Map oddities: On Lake Metigoshe, ND, your boat launch is in the US and your house is in Canada.
Complete map of the Portuguese maritime empire in Asia in 1580
The Aegean dispute, Turkish claim of 6 nautical miles and Greek claim of 12 nautical miles
Aerosol emissions from ships increases lightning density
Map of maritime activity
US Boat Registrations by State
French Speaking Acadian regions of the Canadian Maritimes
The Buried Ships of Yerba Buena Cove
World Map Showing Location of WWII Shipwrecks
Comparative shipping routes of the world in 2015
German U-boat losses and their locations in World War II
Byzantine-Muslim naval conflicts from its beginnings in the mid-7th century to ca. 1050
The routes of Captain James Cook's voyages. The first voyage is shown in red, second voyage in green, and third voyage in blue. The route of Cook's crew following his death is shown as a dashed blue line. Source: Wikipedia
16th Century Ottoman Map of Nile Valley from Piri Reis
Countries UPS Can Ship International Dangerous Goods(IDG) To
WW2, illustrated info-map of the naval war in the Mediterranean
Maritime Boundaries of the Caribbean
"Australia's birth certificate" : Joan Blaeu's Archipelagi Orientalis Sive Asiaticus (1663), the earliest known map of Australia and New Zealand. Follows Tasman's voyages of 1642-43 and 1644, on which Australia's mapping of was based until James Cook mapped the eastern coast
Portuguese nautical chart by Pedro Reinel, c. 1504.
First circumnavigations of the world by Magellan (1519-1522) and Drake (1577-1580)
I added the departement of Somme, so the Picardie region is complete ! I added a scale too, and next time I will add the departement of Seine Maritime. I'll keep you updated !
Map of Byzantine-Arab naval battles
Density of Ship Log Entries, 1750-1810
“Chart of the Sandwich Islands.” First map of Hawaii by James Cook 1784.
Ship positions collected from AIS radio in the Hamburg harbour area, point color maps to vessel speed.
Countries FedEX Can Ship To
Maritime Trade Routes
Waterways of the Maritime Provinces
Piri Reis World Map
Highways, roads, streets and trails of the Maritime provinces
1924 Map of US Naval Academy
On August 25th, 1875 Captain Matthew Webb became the first person to swim across the English Channel. Here is a map of his route.
Nightlights: settlements (white), gas flares (blue), fires (red), and boats (pink) 1994-1995
1778 Bellin Nautical Chart, or Map of the World
Total Number of Naval Ships
The map aboard the Queen Mary (Titanic sister ship)
Arctic Transit Routes with Potential for Increased Maritime Activity from 2012 through 2030 (U.S. Navy)
Map of Shackleton and the Endurance's Journey to Antarctica
World War II Map showing distances for planes and ships of the era (Photo taken at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model)
The Voyages of Chinese Explorer Zheng He between 1405-1433
Advertisement for Panama Mail Cruise Ship 1928
A map of the world from the 1915 Atlas of Canada showing colonial possessions, major maritime routes, and the incompletely-mapped Arctic and Antarctic.
Great Lakes Nautical Chart 1926
Map of the World from c1784 showing Captain Cooks Voyages
Bellin Nautical Chart or Map of the World -1778
Japanese Woodblock pictorial map of the arrival of Commodore Perry into Edo Bay in 1854
A general chart of the island of Newfoundland
Calicut 1572
Isle of Georgia - James Cook 1777
Captain Cook Round the World
1872 map of the "supposed" Northwest Passage by U.S. Naval officer Silas Bent
The voyage of HMS Challenger during what's often considered the first ever Oceanographic expedition. The expedition resulted in the cataloging of over 4,000 previously unknown species, as well as the discovery of the depth that would later bear the ship's name. 1872-1876
Circular map of the Southern Hemisphere according to the latest discoveries with the tracks of the Captain James Cook - 1776
Nautical Chart of the Caspian Sea - 1721
A map of Capt. James Cook’s voyage discovering the Hawai’ian Islands.
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