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1895 map of Madagascar
Exaggerated Relief Map of Madagascar
Arnold Florent van Langren - Map of the Southwestern Indian Ocean showing part of Africa and Madagascar (1596)
1780 Raynal and Bonne Map of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and Mozambique
Exaggerated Relief Map of Madagascar - into southeast Africa - at night
Size of Madagascar
Franco-Polish Madagascar Plan: a plan to deport the Jews of Europe to Madagascar, later inspiring the Nazis
The true size of Madagascar
Ottoman Map of Madagascar (1803)
Land Cover and Elevation of Madagascar
Madagascar population density 2004
Seeing the stars in Madagascar must be wonderful. Light pollution map
How big Madagascar really is
Madagascar has rainforest and desert
Hawaiian and the language of Madagascar are related
Render of Tsiroanomandidy, Madagascar made with OpenStreetMap and Blender
Easter Island is the easternmost, and Madagascar is the westernmost point of the Austronesian language area. But this is the shortest route between the two.
Rare Madagascar: Only half of the country's high-priority biodiversity hot spots lie within protected areas
True size of Madagascar
Official numbers for the population of Madagascar
Madagascar - Average Road Slope in Urban Area
Map showing each of Madagascar's 24 airports
Madagascar rivers coloured by basin
Map of all the streets, roads, and alleys in Antananarivo, Madagascar: a city of 2 million+ that hasn’t enforced urban planning in decades
Is it the most ancient map of Madagascar and Comoros (made by the Arab geographer EDRIS in 1153)
"Madagascar" from Annales de Geographie Tome IV, Paris 1895.
1765 nautical map of Madagascar by Jacques Nicolas Bellin
Rigobert Bonne - Part of the eastern coast of Africa with the island of Madagascar and the inserts of islands of France and Bourbon (1791)
Map of the Second Madagascar Expedition
Madagascar Average Road Slope in Urban Area
Lopo Homem - “Atlas Miller” (Madagascar) - Portugal, 1519
LEGUEVEL DE LACOMBE(1840) p429 Madagascar
1780 Raynal and Bonne Map of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, and Mozambique - Geographicus - Mozambique-bonne-1780
Madagascar 1616, Jodocus Hondius (4262495-recto)
Madagascar 1616, Jodocus Hondius (4262495-verso)
The south part of Africa, and the island of Madagascar, here the Portugueze have many settlements and all the trade (5960809705)
1848 Levasseur Map of Senegal, Gambia and Madagascar - Geographicus - AfricaFr-levasseur-1847
Congo. Angola. Cafres. Monoemugi. Monomotapa. Zanguebar and Madagascar. NYPL1505151
Isle of Madagascar. NYPL1503451
AMH-5500-NA Seachart of Mozambique and Madagascar
1770 Bonne Map of East Africa, Madagascar, Isle Bourbon and Mauritius (Mozambique) - Geographicus - AfricaEast-bonne-1770
GRAVIER(1896) p475 MADAGASCAR par Henri Mager
1852 Levassuer Map of Senegal, Senegambia, and Madagascar - Geographicus - Senegal-levasseur-1852
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