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Luxembourg City in 1777 compared to 2019
1764 French map of Carolina before it was split into North and South, but after both the northern town of Beaufort (pronounced bow-fort) and southern town of Beaufort (bew-fort) had been founded.
Petit Luxembourg on the 1739 Turgot map of Paris - KU
Kildare Beaufort
Palais du Luxembourg with extended gardens on 1739 Turgot map - KU
1730 Homann Heirs Map of Belgium and Luxembourg - Geographicus - BelgiumCatholicum-hmhr-1747
1771 Janvier Map of Belgium and Luxembourg - Geographicus - BelgiumLuxembourg-janvier-1771
The grounds of the H├┤tel de Luxembourg from the Turgot map of Paris circa 1737
Fotothek df rp-d 0360013 Arnsdorf-Fischbach. Karte von einem Teil des Kurf├╝rstentums Sachsen, Petri, nach
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