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Exaggerated Relief Map of Japan, Korea, northern China and the Russian Far East
1894 Stanford's map of eastern China, Japan and Korea
Map of Imperii Russici et Tartariae Universae, tam majoru et Asiatica, quam minoris et Europae Tabula. from 1746.Detailed map of Russia in Asia and Europe. Extends to China, Japan, Korea and south to Tibet and the Himalayas.
Japanese map of northeast China and Korea (1918)
China, Korea and Japan (1902)
Borderline between North Korea, China and Russia
North Korean - Chinese border on Chinese Google Maps.
Exaggerated Relief Map of Eastern China, Taiwan & Korea
Exaggerated Relief Map of Japan, Korea, Northeast China and Far East Russia - At Night
The 16th century Japanese “Map of the Great Ming”, Based on the Korean 1402 Kangnido World Map. it reflects the geographic knowledge of China during the Mongol Empire when geographical information about Western countries became available via Islamic geographers.
Empires of China, Japan, and Korea from "Monarch Standard Atlas of the Commercial, Geographical, and Historical World" by J. Martin Miller
Leaked Chinese proposal of North Korean partitition, 2015
16th century map of Japan/Korea/China
Chinese provinces with GDP PPP larger than South Korea $2.0 trillion
Phases of the Korean War 1950-1953
A Map Of The World Made In Korea Under The Joseon Dynasty In 1402, Depicting Korea, Japan, China, Asia, Africa And Europe.
Buddhist View of the World (Description in comment, China/Korea 1613)
1770 Bonne Map of China, Korea, Japan and Formosa - Geographicus - China-bonne-1770
1784 Zatta Map of Chinese Tartary and Korea
1770 Bonne Map of Chinese Tartary, Mongolia, Manchuria and Korea (Corea) - Geographicus - TartarieChine-bonne-1770
AMH-6721-KB Map of China and Korea
1855 Colton Map of China, Taiwan, and Korea - Geographicus - China-colton-1855
1799 Clement Cruttwell Map of China, Korea, and Taiwan - Geographicus - China-cruttwell-1799
1801 Cary Map of China and Korea - Geographicus - China-cary-1801
East China, Korea and Japan in 1891
1780 Raynal and Bonne Map of China, Korea, and Japan - Geographicus - Chine-bonne-1780
1910 Atlas of the Sino-Japanese War (25 rare folding maps) - Geographicus - SinoJapanese-japan-1910
Map of China-North Korea-Russia border
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