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Nightlights dataset helps map the economic growth and growth of cities in South Korea between 1992 and 2013
Japan and Korea by National Geographic (December 1945)
Empires of China, Japan, and Korea from "Monarch Standard Atlas of the Commercial, Geographical, and Historical World" by J. Martin Miller
Japan and Korea, Detailed Map of the Railway Network (1927)
Scandinavia GDP and South Korea region GDP
The Korean Peninsula in middle of the 38th parallel line over the Mediterranean sea.
South Korea's 5th Presidential election Result (1963.10.15)
Leaked Chinese proposal of North Korean partitition, 2015
Last week in South Korea, the pollution was really bad. This week the wind was strong. The pollution being blown away can clearly be seen in this visualization.
Countries with a combined GDP less than that of South Korea
The Korean War Armistice was signed July 27, 1953. Here's a map showing aerial bombings during the war.
Visa requirements for South Korean citizens
World map on a wall of a North Korean hotel lobby
Map of Korea during the North-South States Period
United Forces Command (UNC), Troop Strengths in Korean War.
Unified Korea
The Korean Diaspora (2017!)
Loss of men during the Korean War. (Fixed the issues)
Map of North and South Korea at night
16th century map of Japan/Korea/China
Chinese provinces with GDP PPP larger than South Korea $2.0 trillion
Road map of North Korea
Phases of the Korean War 1950-1953
2016 Parliamentary Election in South Korea, Real Map vs Winner Cartogram
A Map Of The World Made In Korea Under The Joseon Dynasty In 1402, Depicting Korea, Japan, China, Asia, Africa And Europe.
Diplomatic Relations of the DPRK (North Korea)
Land Cover Map of the Korean Peninsula
The Korean diaspora
"Map of Heaven and Earth" Korean Map from the 1800s
The world drawn by a 15 year old Korean girl
Buddhist View of the World (Description in comment, China/Korea 1613)
Old French map of Korea and Japan from 1894. (Map from "Le Petit Journal SUPPLEMENT ILLUSTRE de 1894")
Saw a map today in a classroom that interestingly had the North Korean flag as the representative flag of Korean time.
South Korean local elections, 2018
The Russian Far East, Manchuria, and Korea, 1906
Map Showing North Korea's Artillery Reach Compared to South Korea's Population
South Korea's Local Election result (2018.6.13)
Average temperature in January, on Korean peninsula and Japan
Seoul, Japanese Occupied Korea (1910)
Malaria risk distribution in South Korea vs the world
Mem-O-Map of Japan and Korea, 1946
Railway Map of Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Manchuria (1934)
1904 NY Tribune map of Japan and Korea.
South Korea's GDP per capita vs the rest of the world (1970 & 2016)
Night light pollution changes in Japan and South Korea over the last 25 years (red - increase ; blue - decrease ; green - no change)
“Asia and Adjacent Areas” - Found in a National Geographic from December 1959, with only one Korea.
The visa policy of North Korea
Old map of the Liancourt Islands, disputed territory between Japan and Korea, (north is on the right)
Korea during North-South States Period 8th century
How far is Seoul City Hall from North Korea?
Where Americans think North Korea is
South Korea has almost the same size as East Germany
Topographic map of Japan and Korean Peninsula
Visa Requirements for North Korean citizens
Suspiciously perfect fortification-shaped half circle in Korea's terrain
1882 Mejii-Era Map of Korea
North Korea Can Fit Entirely Within California
Hokkaido, the most northerly of the four main islands of Japan compared to the size of South Korea.
Korean Peninsula (Japanese Map - 1929)
Manhan Republic (Manchuria + a unified Korea)
Visa Requirements for Japanese/South Korean citizens
Korea during the Three Kingdom Period ~5th century
Middle of Korea vs. Middle of UK
The South Korea has a population greater than Spain in an area smaller than Bulgaria
Korean Regions & Food
South Korea National rail network
Diplomatic relations of North Korea
Countries with a diplomatic mission of North Korea (DPRK)
Korea DMZ
North Korea is actually one of the most responsibly energy using countries in the world
Sizes of Japan and Korea compared to Western Europe
Korea as the Northeastern US (at the same scale)
Countries the US has bombed since Korea
Land Borders away from North Korea
Korea Administrative Division Map
Map of Seoul, South Korea Metro
Yesterday (1 March), it was the 100th anniversary of the establishment day of the provisional government of the Republic of Korea. Happy late March 1st Movement day!
Ireland replaced with South Korea
Korea map 1939
A map of the US for my homies in North Korea
Map of a North Korean ski resort
Embassy’s in North Korea.
Visa Policy of North Korea
Google Maps vs PROBA-V > Mokpo, South Korea, 21/03/2017. Image created by PROBA-V satellite. (The 100 m image of 6 October 2016 shows Mokpo in the lower-right image part as a blue-grey area located at the Yeonsang River estuary.Exact location > https://goo.gl/maps/xMk1dDjmCqS2
Not sure if this is a mistake, but there is a united Korea on this globe.
Where North Korean missiles may reach
Korea demilitarized zone map - 1969
Korean dmz map
Korean War, 1950-1953.
Countries where North Korea has embassies
Map of Japan and Korea from 1903 with insets of Kurile, Liu-Kiu Islands and Taiwan.
1770 Bonne Map of China, Korea, Japan and Formosa - Geographicus - China-bonne-1770
1784 Zatta Map of Chinese Tartary and Korea
1770 Bonne Map of Chinese Tartary, Mongolia, Manchuria and Korea (Corea) - Geographicus - TartarieChine-bonne-1770
Map of Joint Security Area
H1N1 North korea map
The Later Three Kingdoms of Korea
Flag Map of Korea
International Border Distance from North Korea
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