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Map of China including Japan as well as the Ile Corea - 1626
1655 map of Korea and Japan
1690 Visscher Map of Japan and Korea
17th Century Map of Japan by Ottoman scholar Katip Çelebi
1692 Map of Japan by the German physician Engelbert Kaempfer
Osaka, Japan by Dosei Kono 1657
Iaponia Regnum - The Kingdom of Japan, by Pierre Mortier, 1690
Ultra-high-res image of a 1696 map of Kyoto, Japan
Iaponia Regnum (Japan) from a 1655 atlas
17th century globe, look what they though of Japan
Toshiyuki Ishikawa - map of Japan - 1687
1696 Genroku 9 (early Edo) Japanese Map of Kyoto, Japan - Geographicus - Kyoto-genroku9-1696
1658 Jansson Map of the Indian Ocean (Erythrean Sea in Antiquity)
Fort Kochi City Map 1672
Nakabashi Japan 1666
AMH-5651-KB Map of Japan
Map of Japan by Abraham Ortelius
Sea of japan in ricci world map
Noordtoost cust van Asia, van Japan tot Nova Zemla. NYPL1619046
The Molucca Isles; Isles of Japan; The Philippine Islands. NYPL1503445
Paskaetrte zynde t'Oosterdeel van Oost Indien, met alle de Eylanden dae ontrendt gelegen van C. Comorin tot aen Japan. NYPL1619045
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