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Les Montagnes des Sevenes dans le Languedoc - Jean-Baptiste Nolin (1657–1708)
World Map fresco in Farnese Palace Italy dated circa 1575
1670 Ogilby Map of West Africa ( Gold Coast, Slave Coast, Ivory Coast ) - Geographicus - Guinea-ogilby-1670
Stylized map of Battle of Lepanto 1571 between Holy League (Habsburg Spain, Venice and Vatican) and Ottoman Empire, largest naval battle between galleys in history. Fresco in the Vatican's Gallery of Maps.
Haute et Basse Alsace, Suntgaw, Brisgaw, Ortenaw et le Marquisat de Bade, avec les divers Routes et Passages des Montagnes et Forests Noires, pour entrer en Souabe (5121168394)
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