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Charles Joseph Minard's maps showing Hannibal's losses on his invasion of Italy and the losses suffered by Napoleon's Grande Armenia during the Russian campaign
The territory of Brazil can cover, Portugal to Russia. From Italy to Iceland and cover the entire North Sea, Baltic Sea and Norwegian Sea.
World at War (WWII)
Indonesia: Similar in span to the (1) Mediterranean territories of the Roman Empire or (2) Spain to Russia, (3) Java is near the span of peninsular Italy.
Military map of Austro-Hungarian Empire from 1899 showing location of troops through empire and neighboring border areas (Germany, Russia, Italy)
Map of Russia. HM 10. Battista Agnese, PORTOLAN ATLAS (Italy ca. 1550)
A Map of Europe - 1852
1932 Chinese Map of Tientsin (Tianjin or Tienjin), China - Geographicus - Tienjin-showa7-1932
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