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Destruction of Jerusalem (587 BC), as imagined in the medieval Nuremberg Chronicle
8 ways to divide Israel
Jerusalem in the time of Jesus
Results of today's UN Resolution on US Embassy in Jerusalem
Jerusalem, et suburbia eius, sicut tempore Christi floruit...descripta per Christianum Adrichom Delphum 1584
1581 Bunting Clover Leaf Map. Stylized world map in the shape of a clover leaf (showing the Continents of Europe, Asia, Africa). Jerusalem is at the centre
Percentage of Europeans who have favourable opinion of Israel
Population density map of Egypt (+Israel)
Israel as the San Francisco Bay Area
International recognition of Israel and Palestine
A single Cattle Ranch in Australia is larger than fellow Eurovision Song Contest country, Israel!
Countries that attended US Embassy opening in Jerusalem
Kingdoms around Israel 830
This is The West Bank. Area A is controlled by the Palestinian authorities. Area B is shared power. Area C is totally controlled by Israel.
Recognition of Israel and Palestine
2012 UN Resolution Affirming Palestinian rights to the Occupied Territories, and condemning Israeli settlements
The Segregated Road System in Israel and Palestine
Countries that are still at war with Israel
Map of Kingdom of Israel and Kingdom of Judah in the 9th century BC
Israel and its pals (10th century BC)
Birthplaces of Israeli prime ministers and presidents
Politics aside, Israel at its territorial height had a really nice shape!
Gaza - Israel Border
Results of UN vote on resolution rejecting recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
36 countries that don't recognize Israel
Timelapse of Syrian government defeating Jihadists near the Israeli border
Sixteen countries which forbid admission to Israeli passport holders.
Israel and NZ South Island Size Comparison 1980
International Recognition Of Israel (via Wikipedia)
Number of immigrants in Israel by country of origin
Map of proposed Israeli-Palestinian federation, made by a small Israeli political movement
Tribes of Ancient Israel
8 ways to devide Israel
States that have adopted laws that are designed to discourage boycotts against Israel
Israel NSC travel warnings - Terror only, per country
A proposed federal solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict .
Israel at it's territorial height
Arab Israeli (Six-Day) War (4 June 1967)
Percentage of Jews in Israel (or why the two-state solution is so contentious)
Israeli Citizens in the West Bank
Arabs in Israel and the West Bank
1695 Eretz Israel map in Amsterdam Haggada by Abraham Bar-Jacob
Visa requirements for Israeli citizens
Population density of Israel 2014
Jewish and Non-Jewish Settlements in Israel, Gaza, the West Bank and Golan Heights at 1990.
Spotify doesn't show the Israeli map on their top 50
Countries that have been involved in war with Israel
Nations with diplomatic missions in Israel and nations with diplomatic missions in Palestine
Countries with direct flights to Israel
You can see the Israel-Egypt border from satellite images
Population growth in Israel during 2016
Israel and Judah in 880 BC
1500's map of the world with Jerusalem as the center
World's rection to the US decision of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel
Israel and the Arab states, 1967
Ethnic Composition of Israel and Palestine (OC)
Israeli citizens visa requirements
Israeli TFR by district in 2007 and 2016
This is a panoramic of the Madaba Mosaic Map in the Byzantine church of St. George in Madaba, Jordan. It contains the oldest surviving original cartographic depiction of the Holy Land including Jerusalem. circa 6th century AD. OC
An improved (unofficial) Israel railways map - Made by a friend for fun, using InDesign
Israel according to Israelis
Which countries recognize Israel, Palestine or Both (2017)
Jerusalem - The Old City
The Six Day War, Movements of the Israeli divisions, counterattack on Sinai, 1967
Ancient Jerusalem according to an 1885 bible
North Israel: Ethnic Composition
UN vote condemning Israeli practices affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem (November 2018)
A Jewish Journey to Jerusalem, 1479
Places in Israel translated into English
Recognition of Israel and Palestine around the world.
1947-1948 Israel Arab Conflict
EU's countries' reactions to the US decision of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel
A stone that looks like Israel/Palestine?
Land utilization of Israel and occupied territories (1968)
You can see Israel’s borders from space, based on how greener it is.
Jewish population in Middle East countries (except Israel)
Israeli sub-district fertility rate (1996,2006,2016).
Historical changes in Jerusalem's municipal borders .
Human development index of the world compared to Israel
Map of Jerusalem 12th Century
Israel’s friends & enemies
International recognition of Israel and Palestine
The Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1135 vs Google Maps Street View in 2019
Israel's conflict map
Jerusalem 1915
Kingdom of Israel ca. 1000 BC
Israeli life expectancy 2016
Map of the rockets launched to Israel this night
You can fit the entirety of Israel into Portugal and still be able to drive around it.
Israel or Isn'trael???
How much Tel Aviv loves its dogs? A map of dog parks in the city proper (~450,000 inhabitants)
Map of the twelve tribes of ancient Israel and the surrounding kingdoms
Arabs in Israel .
Map of arab population in Israel and the disputed territories of Palestine, 2015.
Combatants and allies - 1948 Arab-Israeli war overlaid on the US
Israel vs Palestine
12 tribes of Israel overlaid with current territorial possesions.
Period when states first established diplomatic relations with Israel
Arab Speaking Areas of Israel proper + Golan Heights
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boat parts and history
marine life photography