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1921 Irish Guerrilla battle map of Cross barry, Co Cork, Ireland.
Countries referenced in the idioms for "Leaving without saying goodbye" (e.g. "French leave" or "Irish goodbye") in various languages.
Burglary cases in Northern Ireland, Wales and England in 2017 by 10.000 inhabitants
1572 French map of Ireland.
Kildare Beaufort
Annual report (1913) (14800929023)
To Her most Sacred Majesty Carolina Queen of Great Britain, France & Ireland, this map of Europe, according to the newest and most exact observations, is most humbly dedicated (8341623789)
1766 Desnos - de la Tour Map of Ireland - Geographicus - Irlande-delatour-1766
Herman Moll - To Her most Sacred Majesty Ann Queen of Great Britain, France & Ireland, London, 1708-ca1720 )
Dexter. (Village); Dexter Business Directory.; Limerick Business Directory.; Chaumont Business Directory.; Brownville (Village); Brownville Business Directory.; Chaumont (Village) NYPL1584275
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