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Australia is so big that it can traverse the atlantic, from Newfoundland to ireland to The Canary Islands and back again!
Surname Origins in Ireland (Cannot speak for source or legitimacy of information)
A Divided Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
A map of the world made only with Ireland
Bitcoin Mining Now Consuming More Electricity Than 159 Countries Including Ireland & Most Countries In Africa
Map of Ireland 1610
Places in Ireland where nobody lives
Pubs per County in Ireland (excl. sunken 6 counties)
Population Density Heatmap of Great Britain & Ireland, the Benelux and surrounds
First mapping of Ireland done by the British compared to the official mapping of Ireland
Main Religions in Ireland in 1901
Official Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking regions) in Ireland
Road Map of Ireland 1948
Map of the consequences of The Great Famine in Ireland during 19th century
Ireland circa 900
Churchill's Proposed partition of Ireland, 1913
Population fall in Ireland 1846-1851
the climate map of Ireland
Ireland drawn up by roads
Beaches, walks & hikes around Ireland
Blaeu Map of Great Britain and Ireland
Physical Map of Ireland (1880)
What is each county in Britain and Ireland named after?
Map showing a currently existing strip of perfect calm running North-South just East of Ireland, separating Southernly and Northernly winds.
Areas of Scandinavian Settlement in Great Britain and Ireland.
The earliest possible political map of Britain & Ireland with modern boundaries
The Celts - Britain and Ireland - 58 BC-AD 150
Number of Lighthouses per County in the UK and Ireland
Map of Britain and Ireland in 620 AD
Irish ethnicity in Ireland & Britain
Decrease in population of Ireland during the Famine
No Religion in Northern Ireland (2011)
Fantasy LotR style map of Ireland
People who claim to be able ro speak Irish in Northern Ireland(2011 census)
National Geographic Society Map of Great Britain and Ireland (1949)
Hand-drawn map of Ireland
Distribution of non Irish nationals living in Ireland
A Map to Keep You Away from Ireland
The Curious Cross-border Naming Conventions of Ireland
Map of Rail Networks in Ireland
Map of Eircode (Postcode) Areas in the Republic of Ireland
Religious demographics of Northern Ireland
Protestantism In Ireland 1861 - 1991
Ireland+Great Britain | Side-by-side color and grey-scale
Daily WW2 Maps: #9 Ireland
First time drawing Ireland. Names are in Irish Gaelic.
Look! It's that elegantly named country 'The United Kingdom of London, South East, South West, East Anglia, East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber, North West, North East, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland'
8 ways to divide Ireland
Identities of Northern Ireland compared to results of Brexit referendum
If All The West Germanic Speaking Regions United (except the UK and Ireland)
Comparative Population Densities of the Historic Counties of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the States and District of the United States of America, and the Provinces and Territories of Canada
Medieval map of Ireland
Language and dialect map of UK and Republic of Ireland.
Map showing the percentage of Irish speakers on the Island of Ireland
Most Common Ethnicity of Sex Workers in Ireland and Northern Ireland by County
County colors of Ireland
Map of Ireland at the Beginning of the 16th Century
Burglary cases in Northern Ireland, Wales and England in 2017 by 10.000 inhabitants
You can fit 9 countries/territories (Macau, San Marino, Gibraltar, the Vatican, Monaca, Sint Maarten, Nauru, Clipperton Isle and Norfolk Island) into Northern Ireland's largest Lake
Medieval map of Ireland, showing Irish tribes.
Ireland united with the Irish-identifying provinces of the UK (2011 Census)
16th century atlas. Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland
A section of the border between Ireland and UK (Northern Ireland). One 5 mile stretch of road crosses the border 4 times.
Home Rule map of Ireland (1893)
Northern Ireland by Ernest Clegg
Soviet map of Britain and Ireland (1940)
Wealth distribution in XIV century Ireland, based on papal tax assessments
Roman Catholicism in the UK and Ireland (2011).
Hypothetical Eastern Ulster Autonomous Region in an United Ireland
The History of the United Kingdom And Ireland (Wikipedia)
Freehand drawing of Ireland
Ireland's true form!
Stolen from r/Ireland
Sugar map of Ireland
Northern Ireland's Transportation Network
Surname Distribution Map for Ryan Surname in Ireland in 1901
Genetic background of County Mayo, Ireland
Location of Ogham Stones throughout Britain and Ireland, indicating Irish settlement or influence in the early medieval era.
Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands and Switzerland can easily fit into Turkey
Northern Ireland Votes 1997 - 2017
Switzerland: 63.7% vote to adopt EU gun legislation, which includes stricter gun laws for the non-EU state in today's referendum. Switzerland used to have a more liberal gun policy in the past. The country now can remain part of the Schengen and Dublin agreement.
Each light represents a Gaelic ( Irish Football ) pitch in the Republic and Northern Ireland
Names of European countries in Irish (remainder in comments)
Density of National Parks & Other Protected Areas in Britain & Ireland
Map of districts of Northern Ireland colour coded to show the predominant national identity in the 2011 census. Stronger green indicates a higher proportion of people describing themselves as Irish. Stronger blue indicates a higher proportion of people describing themselves as British (2011).
Map of Ancient Ireland
Ireland and Britain - Population density
Literally Map porn; at a beach on the East coast of Ireland
Map of county Clare with its bars. Ireland
First Map of Ireland
Boazio's Map of Ireland (circa 1606)
Regions of UK and Ireland according to European country with approximately equivalent GDP (PPP) per capita (2016)
Map of ATM Robberies which involved diggers across north-eastern Ireland. Two more robberies occurred since the publication of this map.
Townlands in Ireland containing the letters “Bally”
Distribution of Megalithic Tombs in Ireland.
Sunset times on the shortest day. United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland (BI)
Political Parties in Britain and Ireland by Constituency
A map of Marilyns: peaks more than 150 metres (or 492 feet) tall in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
Place names in Ireland that begin with 'Bally'
Only 18,000 people live in the red area on the Kola Peninsula, in an area almost the size of the Republic of Ireland
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