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100 years ago today, the pro-independence Sinn Féin party won a landslide victory in the general election in Ireland, paving the way for partition of the island and an independent Irish state.
Map of Homes in the Republic of Ireland Heated using Peat
Gender of countries in Irish
Land ownership in Ireland 1641 and 1703
Every light represents a gaelic football pitch in Ireland.
Britain & Ireland drawn from pubs
How long did the Irish language survive in each of the 32 Irish counties?
Interesting map. The historical Barony divisions in Ireland
Fantasy map of Ireland. Hope you like it ❤
Leprechaun hot-spots along the Irish border region
Great Britain and Ireland, by Homann, 1749
GAA clubs in Ireland
Relief Map of County Donegal, Ireland
Ptolemy’s map of Britain and Ireland (British isles)
Travel time to cities in Great Britain and Ireland
Altitude map of the UK and Ireland
Australia is so big that it can traverse the atlantic, from Newfoundland to ireland to The Canary Islands and back again!
Surname Origins in Ireland (Cannot speak for source or legitimacy of information)
A Divided Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
A map of the world made only with Ireland
Dublin trains and trams overlaid on New York
Bitcoin Mining Now Consuming More Electricity Than 159 Countries Including Ireland & Most Countries In Africa
Map of Ireland 1610
Places in Ireland where nobody lives
Pubs per County in Ireland (excl. sunken 6 counties)
The Irish N54/British A3 changes its name four times as it goes through this border
Population Density Heatmap of Great Britain & Ireland, the Benelux and surrounds
First mapping of Ireland done by the British compared to the official mapping of Ireland
Irish Family Names by Place of Origin, published in NY Sunday News newspaper on St. Patrick's Day in 1946
For the pride march in Dublin yesterday, Google automatically placed the parade route on Google maps.
Stylised map of Dublin belonging to an Irish friend of mine. Not international, but still very nice!
Official Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking regions) in Ireland
Road Map of Ireland 1948
Map of the consequences of The Great Famine in Ireland during 19th century
Ireland circa 900
Churchill's Proposed partition of Ireland, 1913
County/City of Birth of Irish Taoisigh (Heads of Irish Government)
Population fall in Ireland 1846-1851
the climate map of Ireland
Ireland drawn up by roads
Beaches, walks & hikes around Ireland
Irish Isoglosses
Blaeu Map of Great Britain and Ireland
Physical Map of Ireland (1880)
World for potato in Irish dialects (c.1900-1950)
What is each county in Britain and Ireland named after?
Map showing a currently existing strip of perfect calm running North-South just East of Ireland, separating Southernly and Northernly winds.
Areas of Scandinavian Settlement in Great Britain and Ireland.
This map showing how the Irish famine affected its population
The earliest possible political map of Britain & Ireland with modern boundaries
Map of Britain and Ireland in 620 AD
Irish ethnicity in Ireland & Britain
Decrease in population of Ireland during the Famine
No Religion in Northern Ireland (2011)
Countries with Irish population
Fantasy LotR style map of Ireland
Claimed Irish Ancestry in the United States
National Geographic Society Map of Great Britain and Ireland (1949)
Hand-drawn map of Ireland
Distribution of non Irish nationals living in Ireland
A Map to Keep You Away from Ireland
The Curious Cross-border Naming Conventions of Ireland
Map of Rail Networks in Ireland
Percent Irish American in the USA by county
Map of Eircode (Postcode) Areas in the Republic of Ireland
Religious demographics of Northern Ireland
Protestantism In Ireland 1861 - 1991
A pictographic map of Dublin's new cross-city light rail line
Ireland+Great Britain | Side-by-side color and grey-scale
Daily WW2 Maps: #9 Ireland
First time drawing Ireland. Names are in Irish Gaelic.
Look! It's that elegantly named country 'The United Kingdom of London, South East, South West, East Anglia, East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber, North West, North East, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland'
Comparative Population Densities of the Historic Counties of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the States and District of the United States of America, and the Provinces and Territories of Canada
Medieval map of Ireland
Language and dialect map of UK and Republic of Ireland.
Map showing the percentage of Irish speakers on the Island of Ireland
8 ways to divide Ireland
County colors of Ireland
Map of Ireland at the Beginning of the 16th Century
Burglary cases in Northern Ireland, Wales and England in 2017 by 10.000 inhabitants
You can fit 9 countries/territories (Macau, San Marino, Gibraltar, the Vatican, Monaca, Sint Maarten, Nauru, Clipperton Isle and Norfolk Island) into Northern Ireland's largest Lake
Medieval map of Ireland, showing Irish tribes.
Ireland united with the Irish-identifying provinces of the UK (2011 Census)
Know Nothing US presidential election results by county (1856). Know Nothing was an 1850s American political movement that wanted to end the influence of Irish Catholics and other immigrants in American politics
British-Irish dialects on a map
Irish Americans by county, 2000
16th century atlas. Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland
Most Common Ethnicity of Sex Workers in Ireland and Northern Ireland by County
Home Rule map of Ireland (1893)
An 1892 map showing Dublin's "Greatest Evil"
Northern Ireland by Ernest Clegg
Soviet map of Britain and Ireland (1940)
A map of public transport in Dublin in the 1920s
Largest Irish Commuting Catchments
Wealth distribution in XIV century Ireland, based on papal tax assessments
Roman Catholicism in the UK and Ireland (2011).
Sidebar links in Irish county subreddits
Sugar map of Ireland
Northern Ireland's Transportation Network
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