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Irish population density for the United States 1872
German Map of Great Britain and Ireland (1801)
1847 map of Great Britain and Ireland displaying ethnography and languages
Evolution of Irish Population Density 1841-2002
The distribution of the Irish language in 1871 - From E.G. Ravenstein, "On the Celtic Languages of the British Isles: A Statistical Survey", in Journal of the Statistical Society of London, vol. 42, no. 3, (September, 1879), p. 583
Birth Rates and Death Rates in Great Britain and Ireland (1887)
Africa 1808. From Brookes, R., The General Gazetteer, or Compendious Geographical Dictionary. Eighth edition. Dublin, 1808.
Distribution of Irish Speakers in 1900 and 2000. Dark Green: Majority Irish Speakers ; Light Green: Significant Minority
By Majorcan cartographer Angelino Dulcert, it depicts Hy-Brasil as a large, circular landmass off the western coast of Ireland : 19th century facsimile
Population in Ireland - 1841, 1936, 2002
Distribution of Protestants on the island of Ireland, 1861-2011, by county
Great Famine Impact in Ireland (Irish population density 1841-2002, by Dr. Alan Fernihough)
Map of food taken by British Army regiments during the Irish famine 1845-50
Map showing population of European countries (also population of imperial provinces like Ireland, Bohemia, Russian Poland etc...) in 1848
Map of the consequences of The Great Famine in Ireland during 19th century
Population fall in Ireland 1846-1851
Physical Map of Ireland (1880)
World for potato in Irish dialects (c.1900-1950)
Protestantism In Ireland 1861 - 1991
Know Nothing US presidential election results by county (1856). Know Nothing was an 1850s American political movement that wanted to end the influence of Irish Catholics and other immigrants in American politics
Home Rule map of Ireland (1893)
An 1892 map showing Dublin's "Greatest Evil"
Variation of words in Irish dialects (c.1900-1950)
Legal Condition of Ireland - 1881
Baronies of County Down, Ireland (1885)
Irish Ports and Harbors 1872
Baronies of Ireland 1846
Dublin Kingstown railway 1837 map
BAGWELL(1885) p 2.168 Ireland about 1570
County of the City of Dublin 1837 map
Clam Lake in Wexford County 1872
Map of Part of the Valley of Red River North of the 49th Parallel (1858)
Annual report (1913) (14800929023)
Clare County
Ordnance Survey Drawings - Louth, Lincolnshire (OSD 284)
MURPHY(1883) p008 Map of Ireland, showing Cromwell's Route
MURPHY(1883) p185 Map of Wexford
MURPHY(1883) p371 Map of Clonmel
Dublin 1836
1827 Finley Map of Ireland - Geographicus - Ireland-finley-1827
Wexford County
BAGWELL(1885) p 1.159 Ireland about 1500
BAGWELL(1885) p 1.325 Ireland - Ecclesiastical
1837 Malte-Brun Map of the British Isles ( England, Scotland, Ireland ) - Geographicus - BritishIsles-mb-1837
1822 Butler Map of Ireland - Geographicus - Ireland-butler-1822
Clare, Mich. (2675793156)
1850 Hall Map of Ireland - Geographicus - Ireland-hall-1850
1814 Thomson Map of Southern Ireland - Geographicus - IrelandSouth-t-1814
1850 Mitchell and Cowperthwait Map of Ireland - Geographicus - Ireland-m-1850
1850 Mitchell Map of Ireland - Geographicus - Ireland2-mitchell-1850
1878 Migeon Map of the British Isles ( England, Ireland, Scotland ) - Geographicus - BritishIsles-migeon-1878
A map of Ireland according to the best authorities. NYPL1404023
Ireland (8249902941)
1804 Jeffreys and Kitchin Map of Ireland - Geographicus - Ireland-weimar-1804
County map of Scotland; Shetland Islands (inset); Ireland in provinces and counties. NYPL1510831
1866 Johnson Map of Scotland and Ireland - Geographicus - ScotlandIreland-johnson-1866
PRENDERGAST(1870) p 415 Map of the Settlement of Ireland by the Act of 26th September, 1653
1862 Johnson Map of Scotland and Ireland - Geographicus - SctIre-johnson-1862
Ireland 1831
1841 Perthes Map of Ireland - Geographicus - Ireland-perthes-1841
1865 Spruner Map of the British Isles (England, Scotland, Ireland) - Geographicus - Britannia-spruner-1865
1864 Mitchell Map of Ireland and Scotland - Geographicus - IrelandScotland-mitchell-1864
Map of the town of Dublin, N.H. (7537848720)
DUBLIN(1811) p020 A PLAN OF DUBLIN IN 1610
1818 Pinkerton Map of Ireland - Geographicus - Ireland-pinkerton-1818
1862 Stieler Map of the British Isles ( England, Ireland, Scotland ) - Geographicus - Britischen-perthes-1862
Map and profile of the Champlain Canal as made from Lake Champlain to the Hudson River and surveyed thence to the tide at Waterford - by Jas. Geddes, engineer. NYPL434775
1872 Caucausus & Crimea with the Northern Portions of the Black & Caspian Seas
Part of Flushing. Town of Flushing, Queens Co. (Includes Boerum Avenue, Brewster Avenue, Parsons Avenue, Sanford Avenue, Jamaica Avenue, Ireland Avenue, Whittier Avenue, Tennyson Avenue and NYPL1527293
1852 Vuillemin Map of the British Isles (England, Ireland, Scotland) - Geographicus - BritishIsles-vuillemin-1852
1818 Pinkerton Map of the British Isles (England, Scotland, Ireland) - Geographicus - BritishIsles-pinkerton-1818
Map of Lansingbugh, Rensselaer County, New York, Surveyed drawn and published by John Beven, City surveyor, New York, 1872. Including (Map bounded by Clinton St., Waterford St.) NYPL3884155
Dexter. (Village); Dexter Business Directory.; Limerick Business Directory.; Chaumont Business Directory.; Brownville (Village); Brownville Business Directory.; Chaumont (Village) NYPL1584275
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