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Great Britain and Ireland (1654) - Ptolemy's 1st European Map: - Old Great Britain from Blaeu's Atlas of Scotland from 1654
1610 Ireland
The Kingdome of Ireland, c. 1610
1631 map of England, Scotland and Ireland by Dutch catrographer Willem Janszoon Blaeu. Full title: Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae Tabula.
Ireland 1650
Land ownership in Ireland 1641 and 1703
Map of Ireland 1610
Boazio's Map of Ireland (circa 1606)
Map of the Invasions of England and Ireland (1676)
England, Scotland, and Ireland (Morden 1680)
The Invasions of England and Ireland: With Al Their Ciuill Wars since the Conquest. (1676)
Map of the sea coasts around England, Scotland and Ireland circa 1700
Map of Ireland, titled IrlandiƦ accurata descriptio 1606
Map of England and Ireland, and the Progeny of the kings of England by Abraham Ortelius
Map of England, Scotland, and Ireland by Abraham Ortelius
Map of Ireland 1 by Abraham Ortelius
Map of Ireland 2 by Abraham Ortelius
1631 Blaeu Map of the British Isles (England, Scotland, Ireland) - Geographicus - BritanniaeHiberniae-blaeu-1631
Ireland prev
"Hibernia regnum vulgo Ireland." (22072293900)
An epitome of Sr. William Pettys large survey of Ireland divided into its 4 provinces & 32 counties ... and bridges (8643552762)
The Kingdom of Ireland devided into fewer provinces... NYPL1955203
England, Scotland and Ireland, with the iles thereto belonging. NYPL1503434
Ireland. NYPL1503437
PRENDERGAST(1870) p 415 Map of the Settlement of Ireland by the Act of 26th September, 1653
DUBLIN(1811) p020 A PLAN OF DUBLIN IN 1610
A new map of Ireland according to Sr. W. Petty (but supplied wth. many additions which are not in his survey nor in any other map) divided into its provinces, counties & barronies ... county maps (8643652942)
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